Proposed Rule Change Discussion: Expansion of Rosters

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please keep All comments in this thread related to




Expand Team Rosters:  Alex Gee


NOT to expand Team Rosters: Gameday Demons,


On the fence: Necessary Roughness

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Alex McGee's Posts a comment in "The Offseason" thread that reads:

...... "expand the rosters"

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A typical ESPN league roster has 16 positions, our roster has 20.


Our roster is expandable by up to 2 players to be placed on IR (only if those players have been placed on the NFL Injured reserved list) allowing you to retain your player and claim others out of the "Free Agent" pool.  This year we will also have the ability to place 3rd & 4th picks round rookies from our draft on the practice squad.  (although there are rules about practice squad players everyone should re-read) that would make our allowable rosters able to hold up to 24 players.


Part of the challenge of this league is managing player contract years.....managing contract yeas could allow for more freedom to add/drop players in the "Free Agent" market more freely, so it's not like your completely stuck w/ every player you have if that is a concern.


The talent of the "Free Agent" pool is already pretty thin.......allowing more roster spots to every team would only reduce the already thin pool if a player(s) available if a player were to be injured and you wanted to find a replacement.

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