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2019 Franchise Tags

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Due date Mar 31, before RFA


From the voting thread last year...


Franchise Tags
Each year every owner may designate 1 player whose contract expires before the RFA period begins to be his franchise player for the year. The owner will tag the chosen player by posting the players name in the official franchise tag thread in the AFL-Devy forum. The cost to designate a franchise player is $5 AFL-D bucks, and that amount will be deducted from the team's official balance at the start of RFA. This fee is deducted regardless of the owner retaining or losing the player during the RFA period or via trade.

Franchise Tag Restrictions
Franchise tags are valid only for the team who issues the tag by posting in the franchise thread and paying the initial fee. The tag is non-transferable, from the time a player is tagged until all RFA bids close for that player, or the end of RFA, whichever comes first. In the case that a tagged franchise player is traded away during the aforementioned period between tagging and bid closing/end of RFA, the teams franchise tag will be voided for the year. The $5 tag fee is non-refundable.

Retaining a Franchise Player
Franchise players may be bid on by the league, but to retain ownership the franchising owner only has to pay half the amount of the high bid, or $5 AFL, whichever is greater. Owner does not pay both cost and high bid, just the greater of the two. The full cost, minus initial $5 fee, will be deducted from the teams balance at the time of closing. 

If original owner matches, they are to be retained based on the following schedule, which is simply $10 per contract year:

1 year deal: $10
2 year deal: $20
3 year deal: $30
... and so on

Failing to Retain a Franchise Player
If current owner does not have the cash, or chooses not to match high bid of franchise player, said owner receives HALF the amount of high bid (rounded up), plus high bids 1st round pick in the upcoming rookie draft. If high bid owner does not have a 1st round pick in upcoming rookie draft, said owner pays his highest pick in that draft plus 1st round pick in the next draft. If said owner does not have a 1st round pick in 2nd upcoming draft, he pays his highest pick in that draft as well and his 1st round pick in the 3rd upcoming draft. High bid owner could be out up to 3 draft picks if he chooses to trade his 1st round picks, and bid on opposing owner's franchise players.

A) - If you only have your original 1st...... then obviously you forfeit that pick.
B.) - If you have multiple 1st. Rd. picks and one of them is your original...... then you forfeit your original 1st. .... regardless of what the other pick is.
C.) - If you own multiple picks and none of them are your original then you forfeit the pick that is closest to your original pick in the order.... regardless of direction.

if you originally owned the 1.6.... and now you own the 1.5 & 1.8...... you'd forfeit the 1.5.
if you owned the 1.3.... and now own the 1.1 & 1.6..... then yes, you'd forfeit the 1.1.
if you owned the 1.10..... and now own the 1.1 & 1.12.... then you'd forfeit the 1.12.
a dice roll will determine the pick.... if you own 2 picks exactly in the middle of your original pick. For example if your original pick was 1.9, and you now have picks 1.7 and 1.11, you roll the dice. 3 100 sided dice = maximum roll of 300. If you roll 151 or higher you give up the highest pick of the 2, which is 1.11, if you roll 150 or lower you give up the lowest pick of the 2, which is 1.7.

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1 hour ago, HarleyKR07 said:

Think we need to have the tag rule posted in here so owners know the process.


Fair point, I've added the franchise tag rules.

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Footlongs will be tagging:


Adam Thielen MIN WR

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Franchise Tags have been updated in MFL and costs deducted.

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Teams that used the FT:


Footlongs - $171

Seminoles - $91

Blue Crabs - $125

Dragline - $146

Yetis - $119

Allen's Team - $145

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