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Quick Announcement - & upcoming FA bidding period

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I've heard back from Dave Fieselman and Jeff Weyers that they will not be continuing on with us in the League of Savvy Gentlemen.  I would like to thank them for contributing to a successful inaugural first year - and wish them the best of luck in the future.


I asked Chris Fieselman if he had any ideas on who may replace Dave and he has asked another Dave (we must need a Dave quota) to take over Dave Fieselman's team.  Welcome Dave!


Additionally, we have asked Sam Allen, a coworker of Shane, Chris, and I, to take over Jeff Weyer's Team.  Be wary - Sam has already tried to troll Shane and I with a fake phone number.  Sam, welcome to the league.


Also, May 1 is the kickoff for free agent bidding - players who are in the free agent pool on My Fantasy League - not to be confused with the upcoming RFA period that allows you to bid on players on other teams.


Shane, FYI your current FA bids are not valid until tonight at midnight.


Happy bidding!

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