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This seems to be happening a lot more lately, maybe its an off season thing. I see info in the PLAYER NEWS area on the main page, then I click that particular entry to find out the details and there is no news item about them. Today's first entry is for John Ross he has info, the next 4 entries mention Darren Henderson, Noah Fant, Kirk Cousins and Noah Font again, only Cousins has content. 


Darwin Thompson and other entries (Daniel Jones, Deebo Samuel, Drew Lock) are all missing. Why post a teaser if there is no supporting info?  Just seems really sloppy to me. 

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Our apologies.  There was an update for the new rookies that failed and was preventing them from displaying properly in the news feed. That has been corrected.

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Well it was fixed, maybe that short term and each new batch of rookie players that get posted have the same issue until they get fixed


Not a big deal to me, but as somebody working in IT if I think something is fixed and it is not I usually want to know. 


Today it is happening with at least a couple 

Strong start for N'Keal Harry


D.K. Metcalf signs rookie contract

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