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Auction $300 - online (odd yr) VEGAS (even)

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We are starting a new redraft auction that drafts in Vegas (even years) and in-line (odd) $350



·     ENTRY FEE: $300 (League Safe)

·     GROUP ME: yes the league has a GM media

·     2019 ONLINE DRAFT:  begins AUG 3, 2019 (Sat)

·     2020 VEGAS DRAFT: AUG 31. 2020 (Mon)


Email co-commissionersat: vegas.elite.commish@gmail.comto join and please include your full name, team name, and email address. Thanks!

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For several years now the co-commissioner and I have been tossing around an idea of a LIVE AUCTION in person draft in Vegas.  We have competed in various on-line leagues together for years, but we have never met in person.  This year we have pulled the trigger and created the league.  


The league will operate as a high stakes redraft league comprised on 12 owners across the United States with the purpose of bringing fantasy football auction enthusiasts together to share their passion and develop relationships in person.


The league will have a $300 per year owner entry fee held at LEAGUESAFE.  The LIVE IN PERSON drafts will occur in Las Vegas between Sunday before Labor Day and Wednesday of that week every other year starting in 2020.  In the odd number years including this year 2019 we will hold a slow email on-line auction.  The $300 owner entry fee does not include any travel or other expenses and will be paid out in full each year after league expenses .  The Draft details and all LEAGUE BY-LAWS can be found at our MFL web site found in the initial post above.

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