IDP Dynasty Startup, 12 team, 53 man roster, (RSO) contracts/salary cap/etc.

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The NFFL (National Fantasy Football League) is a 12 team startup league consisting of 53 man rosters. 

The league will be hosted on RSO (Reality Sports Online) which for those of you who are unfamiliar, allows us to have players auctions, negotiate contracts, offer contract extensions, franchise tags, etc. all based on an NFL salary cap.

There will be 4 divisions, 2 AFC divisions and 2 NFC divisions. The winner of each division and 1 wild card team from the AFC/NFC will advance to the playoffs (for a total of 6 playoff teams). 

This league is for serious players only. If you are not a committed player do not join. 

$60 ($30 for year 1 and $30 for year 2) + league dues (RSO site fee of $12.99) required upon entry ($72.99 total). All payments will be handled through league safe. You will be required to pay league dues one year in advance otherwise a replacement for you will be found. $200 to first, $100 to second, 3rd place will get their league dues paid (or they can cash out through league safe).

Rosters Will consist of an 11 man starting offense and an 11 man starting defense, so as you can imagine the depth of your team will be very important.


1 - QB
3 - RB
4 - WR
2 - TE
1 - PK (they're part of the game.... give em some respect....)


1 - DT
1 - DE/DT
2 - DE
3 - LB
1 - CB
1 - CB/S
2 - S

This league is meant to get as close to the real thing as we can get. This league is meant to be fun, looking for serious players who feel the same way and plan to be in this thing for the long haul. Thick and Thin - Championships and Rebuilds.

Draft date/free auction dates will be voted on once the league is filled. We will communicate through group me. 

The 5 player rookie draft will be randomized once the league is filled and the draft date is voted on. The remaining 48 spots on your roster will be filled through free agent auctions (which we will vote on the dates for) in which you will offer up to (9) 4 year, (9) 3 year, (9) 2 year, and (21) 1 year contracts. Your team will get up to 3 contract extensions to use per year in addition to 1 franchise tag. 

Team names must include a location and team name. It can be a state, hometown, or even a fictional location based off something in a movie or show. (ex: Winterfell Whitewalkers - GOT reference) but I want to try and keep things organized, neat and official. Teams also must include a picture for their teams page. Having dedicated and involved players makes the league run 100x smoother and is overall a lot more fun for everyone! 

All other rules/formalities will be discussed once the league is filled

If you are interested please email me at

Serious applicants only, lets have some fun!

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