15 Separate Leagues - FREE - 8-10 teams - Scoring Varies

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  • Leagues - 15 in total (Join as many as you would like)
  • Individual Position Leagues (3 in total)
    • 3 leagues of 8 team individual positions one for Quarterbacks, one for Runningbacks, and one for Wide Receivers, PPR Scoring with some added scoring for each separate league.
    • Completely Free
    • QB League 3QB and 2BE, WR League 4WR and 3BE, RB League 3RB and 3BE
  • 10 Division Gauntlet League (10 in total)
    • 10 division Promotion and Relegation system for a 10 level fantasy challenge with 10 teams each, PPR Scoring.
    • Completely Free (Possible to change after S1)
    • Standard roster size only change is 2QB (Subject to change)
  • Buy in PPR Leagues $100 prize (2 in total)
    • 2 Leagues of PPR Scoring 10 teams each
    • $10 buy in - $100 prize to 1st in both leagues
    • Roster Size = 17 with 2QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1Flex, 1K, 7BE, and 2IR
  • All Leagues Run on ESPN Fantasy
  • Draft Date Undecided for all league, I like to make sure most members help pick a date together before deciding the date we draft. Staying active on the Discord channel I have made personally for this league.
  • I'm a very fair commissioner and hope to see you in one of my leagues this year.
  • I also prefer you have Discord for any league of mine that you join. If you don't have discord, it's a very simple FREE app that for chatting and having everything from league news to draft talk. Ask for me for an invite to the chat after you join.
  • PM me or comment below for signing up or asking questions about any of the leagues mentioned above let me know. Thank everyone and best of luck this season!
  • Which league(s) are you interested in joining?

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