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5 Live Drafts this weekend - 44 Orphans posted

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Looking to do a live draft tonight?, has been running live drafts since April and Nightly since June 1st. we have 5 Live drafts this weekend 1 Silver ($285), 3 Bronzes ($128) and 1 Copper ($73).
Our Great Orphaning was a Huge success, we sold 344 of our 565 Orphans, which means we still have 200 or so to go, sounds like quite a few, and it is, but we do have over 6300 dynasty franchises, which means we are over 96% renewed right now. We current  have 44 orphans posted and there are some really nice ones in all divisions including a Silver ($285) with both Mack and Saquon. Our final 4 Golds ($561) are posted as well. 
We truly believe we have the finest group of dynasty owners anywhere! Our owners are extremely active and take their teams seriously. This is reflected in the quality of our orphans. We have been running dynasty leagues since 2011 and have never folded a league.
No Deposit is required for these orphans as it has already been paid.
Here is a link to our Orphans Page
Upcoming Live Drafts: All times Eastern
Friday - Bronze 9:00
Saturday - Bronze 9:00, Copper 9:45
Sunday - Silver 9:30, Bronze 9:00
Monday - Bronze 9:00
Tuesday - Bronze 9:00
Wednesday - Bronze 9:00
Thursday - Bronze 9:00
Live Draft Prices: Tin $46, Copper $73, Bronze $127, Silver $290, Gold $561, Platinum $1,117 & Titanium $2,734
Email Draft Prices: Tin $41, Copper $68, Bronze $122, Silver $285, Gold $561 Platinum $1,112 & Titanium $2,729
Dynasty** Prices - Tin $82, Copper $136, Bronze $244, Silver $570 Gold $1122
Orphan Prices - Tin $41, Copper $68, Bronze $122, Silver $285 and Gold $561
Now Filling Tin Email #6, Copper #3, Bronze #8, Silver #3, Gold #1, Platinum #1, Titanium #1
Now filling Tin Dynasty** Email #8, Copper #5, Bronze #8, Silver #3, Gold #1
All Master’s Leagues are 12 team, H2H, PPR with blind bidding for waivers. 
** All Masters Standard Dynasty Leagues require a 2 year commitment upfront and are always paid 1 year in advance. Please do not join if you are not 100% committed. We only want 100% committed owners in our Dynasty leagues and that is exactly what we have. Last year our renewal rate was over 92%. 
Questions? Please email us at We will do all we can to exceed your expectations.

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