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50,100, and 200 dollar buy in leagues ESPN 12 team PPR Leaguesafe

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Trying to fill a few open spots for these leagues.  The drafts are not set yet but it will be at earliest after week two of preseason (but probably after week three).  The only major difference between these leagues and other leagues is draft pick trading will be allowed.  So once the league is full I will randomize the draft order and then everyone can make trades up to the draft.  Trading during the draft will also be allowed through the comment section.  Besides that, there are a few minor scoring changes that you should check out in the links below.  If you are interested in joining any of the leagues or have questions, my email is 


Buy in: $50

Payouts: 400 - 150 - 50

League Settings:


Buy in: $100

Payouts: 600-400-100 and 100 for most points scored

League Settings: 


Buy in: $100

Payouts: 600 - 400 - 200

League Settings:


Buy in: $200 

Payouts: 1400, 700, 200 and 100 to most points scored

League Settings:   (NO KICKERS)

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