Scott Fish Bowl 9

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Not sure who else is playing in #SFB9. It here’s the link to the Atari Classic-Q-Bert division I’m in:


Our draft is moving along pretty well as we are thru 11 rounds already. 


This is what my team currently looks like:

Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QB (Q) 51.02 4
Rivers, Philip LAC QB 345.48 12
Barkley, Saquon NYG RB 459.60 11
Freeman, Devonta ATL RB 12.60 9
Williams, Damien KCC RB 102.20 12
Anderson, Robby NYJ WR (Q) 176.00 4
Evans, Mike TBB WR (Q) 360.80 7
Samuel, Curtis CAR WR 132.60 7
Washington, James PIT WR 36.80 7
Williams, Mike LAC WR 191.80 12
Howard, O.J. TBB TE


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For those interested here’s my final roster:




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That's some odd scoring - first downs? I have never seen that anywhere else before. Explain what the Scott Fish Bowl is.


Starting 2 QBs makes things different too. Could have been a big advantage to have 3 NFL starters but I'd guess that would be hard to do.

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Posted (edited)

It's a 9000 (exaggeration) team set-up with rules that change every year (actually pretty cool). Invites go out to ekspurts like Keggerz or a wait list to be a cool kid.

Usually have every podcast host waste valuable air wave time talking about their teams because everyone wants to know about another random FF player's team (not).


When someone wins, they now become a FF ekspurt as well and can have podcasts dedicated to letting all the peons and losers know how they won (build that brand!). Maybe even create their own podcast over the fame of winning a league.


Paved the way for the creator to get an actual job (with a salary!) in Fantasy Football.


Sarcasm aside, the good news is the donations gathered go to Fantasy Cares programs that give gifts to kids (Toys for Tots).

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1200 teams in this year's event.  Last year they also used scoring for 1st downs.  This is a superflex so at least for the teams with only 2 starting QBs you can start another position when on bye.  Thus the reason Keg drafted guys like Mullens and Tyrod he wanted to ensure he had 2 starting QB's.


I like the idea of 0.5 PPR coupled with 0.5 for 1st down.  This way those short 1 or 2 yard catches are not worth as much except when they lead to a 1st down which should be worth more.  Also TE's get double 1 PPR and 1 per 1st down giving balance scoring.


The part I really don't like is the new rule this year of 5 bonus pts per 50 yards rushing, 50 receiving or 300 passing.  So if a guy goes for 150 yards receiving they get 30 pts for those yards instead of just 15.  Not a fan of that new rule.

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Fantasy Cares raised over $45k last year to buy toys for Toys for Tots, too. 

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