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2019 LLD Draft is now live

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I have edited Muto template below. Thanks everyone 


The 2019 LLD Rookie Draft kicks off today July 14, 2019 @ 9:00 AM ET.  Here are few reminders


First Pick
If you own the 1.01 pick - the predrafting does not work or at least it has not in the past.
24 hours per pick
There will be a 24 hour timer in force during the draft. Each owner is encouraged to use pre-selects and make picks as soon as possible. Owners should communicate any potential long absences from the boards to the league via the Huddle forum and have a contingency plan for picks to be made for them in their absence (i.e. pre-selects). If an owner is "on the clock" for more than 24 hours during the draft and the site skips their pick they can still make their pick by posting in the forum who they want as long as the player has not been picked.  If the draft ends all picks not yet taken must be made within 24 hours of the draft ending or those teams forfeit their picks.  The 24 hour clock is intended for those who can't be around all the time or are trying to make a trade.  Do not use time to just use time and don't be the person that takes forever on every pick if possible.
Draft Instructions
Live Draft Room
You can draft from live draft room and the draft email still goes out (MFL changed it last year thanks to my 7 years of complaining about it)
  1. If you prefer you can still draft from the "For Owners | Draft" home page.  (You also use this for each pick you wish to set the pre-select draft pick for)
  2. From the top menu, Select For Owners | Draft.
  3. Select player from drop-down list.
  4. Click Draft or Save These Picks And Continue if you are pre-drafting.


Pre-select draft picks

You use the For Owners --> Draft page

You can do as many of the picks predraft as you want and you put in a list of players and if all the players are picked then the site will wait for you to make a pick.  So if you really want a player but would be unsure who you would pick if that player is gone you can just put in 1 or 2 players in your predraft.  The Site will not auto select if your predraft runs out.

Commissioners will do their best to process any trades that may occur as they can.
I can be reached via email, text, or Huddle PM and we also have Muto and Opie who can process. 
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I missed pick 2.4 please select justice hill rob Baltimore 

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Sorry was away yesterday, got pretty drunk and was not on the site , just missed  pick 3.15 , could you select WR Darius Slsyton NYG 

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