$30 Guillotine League

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$30 Guillotine League on Yahoo. 17 teams. PPR. Standard scoring. Draft is Wednesday. September 4th at 8:15PM Eastern Time. Money held in Leaguesafe,majority approval.


A guillotine league is where the team with the lowest point total is eliminated each week until there is 1 team left.  The players on the eliminated team are then released into the free agent pool for the remaining teams to blind bid on ($200 FAAB). 


In this league, the 2 lowest scoring teams each week play in a H2H elimination game the following week. This continues until Week 12 when there are 6 teams left, and then it becomes a traditional guillotine league where the lowest scoring team each week is eliminated.


$360 to 1st, $150 to 2nd.


QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, 2 FLEX


Message me or email me for invite

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