1 Spot Left - ESPN PPR Snake FAAB $100 LeagueSafe - 4th Year

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Need one person to join fourth year ESPN PPR League. Payments made through LeagueSafe.  Please only ask for invite if you can pay immediately. We have 11/12 that have already paid and this post is to replace the person that has not paid.  We had a really competitive league at least with the people that were in contention.  6 Team Playoff with the top two teams receiving first week byes. Some details are as follows:


Entry Fee: $100
Scoring: H2H Points
Draft: Snake
Date: Wednesday, September 4, 2019
Time: 8:00 PM CST
Waiver: FAAB
12 Member PPR - 6 Team Playoff

First Place: $550 (Due To Last Year Carryover)
Second Place: $275 (Due To Last Year Carryover)
Third Place: $125 (Due To Last Year Carryover)
Weekly Payment: $25/Higher Scorer

If interested, please contact patience_lives@yahoo.com to join and pay LeagueSafe entry fee.   I am fair and honest and that is how the league is run.  Please only request invite if you can pay upon joining.

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