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Went crazy at some point and have a few linebackers available.  Will only move 1 (maybe 2) of the top 4 listed and looking to move 3 - 5 overall.   


Baker, Jerome                  MIA        LB           Open           DTS-18

Jack, Myles                      JAC        LB           $3

Smith, Jaylon                   DAL        LB           $3

Warner, Fred                    SFO       LB           Open           DTS-18


Hicks, Jordan                   ARI        LB           $1

Kirksey, Christian             CLE       LB           $1

Milano, Matt                     BUF       LB           $1

Hamilton, Shaun Dion     WAS       LB           Open           DTS-18

Onwuasor, Patrick           BAL        LB           Open

Walker, Anthony              IND         LB           Open

White, Kyzir                     LAC        LB           $2



DLine got several options as well.  Looking to move 3-4 of them. 



Lawson, Carl                    CIN        DE          $2

Ford, Dee                         SFO       DE          Open

Ngakoue, Yannick            JAC        DE         Open

Burns, Brian                     CAR       DE          Open           DTS-19

Okwara, Romeo               DET       DE          Open

Sheard, Jabaal                 IND        DE          Open

Speaks, Breeland             KCC       DE         Open           DTS-18

Tuitt, Stephon                   PIT         DE          $1

Williams, Leonard            NYJ        DE          $3



Lastly have options at QB and TE for those interested. 



Allen, Josh                        BUF     QB          $3

Cousins, Kirk                    MIN      QB          $2

Burton, Trey                     CHI       TE           $2

Henry, Hunter                   LAC      TE           $3

Waller, Darren                  OAK      TE          Open



Will package pieces for upgrades if rebuilding.  Anything on the cut list for the final roster can be had from cheap to near nothing, just shoot an offer if something is there.    



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Players available for Players/Upgrades, Picks. 


Barber, Peyton RB

Drake, Kenyan RB

Samuels, Jaylen RB DTS-18


Diggs, Stefon WR

Isabella, Andy WR DTS-19

Miller, Anthony WR

Watkins, Sammy WR

Westbrook, Dede WR

Williams, Mike WR


Burton, Trey CHI TE

Henry, Hunter LAC TE

Waller, Darren OAK TE


Burns, Brian DE

Ford, Dee DE

Ngakoue, Yannick DE

Tuitt, Stephon PIT DE


Baker, Jerome LB

Hicks, Jordan LB

Jack, Myles LB

Milano, Matt LB

Onwuasor, Patrick LB

Walker, Anthony LB

White, Kyzir LB

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Burton, Trey CHI TE is free if someone wants him. 

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