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Goff, Jared LAR QB $1  
Kizer, DeShone OAK QB $0 CUT
Stafford, Matthew DET QB $2  
Cook, Dalvin MIN RB $3  
Edwards, Gus BAL RB $2  
Hill, Jeremy FA RB (Q) $0 CUT
Hyde, Carlos HOU RB $1  
McCoy, LeSean KCC RB $2 NEW
McKissic, J.D. DET RB $1  
Murray, Latavius NOS RB (Q) $1  
Allen, Keenan LAC WR $2  
Boyd, Tyler CIN WR $4 NEW
Cobb, Randall DAL WR $1  
Fuller, Will HOU WR $4 NEW
Gordon, Josh NEP WR $2 NEW
Hopkins, DeAndre HOU WR $3  
Patterson, Cordarrelle CHI WR $0 CUT
Thomas, Michael NOS WR $4  
Treadwell, Laquon FA WR $2  
Wilson, Albert MIA WR $1 NEW
Clay, Charles ARI TE $1  
Ebron, Eric IND TE $2 NEW
Ertz, Zach PHI TE $3 NEW
Seals-Jones, Ricky CLE TE $3  
Carlson, Daniel OAK PK $1  
Hauschka, Steven BUF PK $1  
Donald, Aaron LAR DT $1  
Richardson, Sheldon CLE DT $1 NEW
Ogbah, Emmanuel KCC DE $2 NEW
Vernon, Olivier CLE DE $1  
* Devy, College 26 FA LB (R) $0 CUT
Campbell, De'Vondre ATL LB $2 NEW
Fowler, Dante LAR LB $1  
Mack, Khalil CHI LB $3  
Morrison, Antonio FA LB $0 CUT
Mosley, C.J. NYJ LB $1  
Perryman, Denzel LAC LB $3 NEW
Shazier, Ryan PIT LB (I) $2 TO IR
Williamson, Avery NYJ LB (I) $1 NEW/TO IR
Adams, Jamal NYJ S $2  
Amos, Adrian GBP S $2 NEW
Bell, Vonn NOS S $1  
Killebrew, Miles DET S $1 NEW
Mathieu, Tyrann KCC S (Q) $1  
Williams, Shawn CIN S $1  

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On 11/20/2019 at 4:50 AM, Dragline said:

Ogbah, Emmanuel KCC DE (I) to IR


promote Chark, D.J. JAC WR 6yrs



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