Stanley Morgan

FA: Brett Maher

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This is not a valid bid......See Rule 11.2


11. Free Agency

11.1: The term free agency applies to unrestricted free agents, those players not currently on any teams roster. Although, waived free agents may carry a contract that must be acquired with the free agent.

11.2: The minimum bid for a free agent is 2 credits.

11.3: To sign a free agent, a team must post a FA bid to the league board designating the bidding team, the player, the bid amount and the waived player if the acquisition will cause the team roster to exceed 20 players. Any team may exceed the current bid. A player is signed if any bid is not exceeded by a higher bid within 48 hours of placing the bid. The bid amount will be deducted from the acquiring team's credit total.

11.3.1:  All FA posts and bids placed upon the boards must come from the owner placing the post. (Texts, e-mail, phone calls etc. are not valid posts.)

11.3.2: Any canceled bids on free agents will result in an immediate penalty of the credits bid on said player.  For bids on players 5 credits or less, a 5 credit penalty shall be imposed. (added mid-season 2018)

11.4: Once a free agent is signed the Commissioner or any Co-Commissioner will post to the free agent thread that the player is acquired. All bidding will stop at that time. If the Commissioner or any Co-Commissioner is late in his post of acquisition, the time limit will still be enforced. After the thread has been stopped, the acquiring team needs to immediately assign a contract to the acquired player and post it to the thread. The Commissioner will post that the transaction has been applied to the fantasy management site and the webmaster will post that the roster page and transaction page have been updated with the acquisition. Then the thread will be locked.

11.5: The deadline for free agent pickups will be the beginning of week 13, the last week of the regular season. In other words, all free agent threads must be started before the kick off of week 13 games.

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