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Contemplating this trade offer...

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10 Team PPR,  standard performance, 1 pt per recp, 3pt rush & rec bonus @ every 100 yds  (my long local league)

start:1  QB , 2 RB , 2 WR , 1 RB/WR/TE , 1TE , 1K , 1Team D

qb;s   Mayfield    Bench - Cousins

rb's    Chubb, Cook, S. Michel    Bench -  P.Barber, K.Hunt

wr's    Cooper, B.Cooks   Bench -  R.Anderson, A.Robinson, Tyrell Wiiliams

te       M. Andrews

k       got one

D      got one


I had been targeting Chris Carson as my 3rd rb pick but he got sniped ahead of me and I ended taking Sony Michel (rnd 5), Tyrell Williams has become a commodity with the release of AB.

I'm considering offering Sony Michel & Tyrell Williams  for  Chris Carson. With the freed up roster space I'd try and grab TE Darren Waller off the WW.


I think Carson is going to have a studly year. So could Michel but he has potential knee issues and he's on the Pat's.

What are your thoughts on this trade?


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I like the trade and pick up.


I Sony may have a good season, but that backfield is too hard to predict.


You trade Tyrell now the WR1, but pick up Waller.  Good to see Andrews are Waller perform for TE1 on your team.  Your RBs look stronger with Carson vs Sony.  SEA will be running a lot.  Only Lockett is receiving option.


I think Tyrell can do okay at WR1, but I'm betting on Waller and/or Renfro to benefit with AB gone. 

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