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Sanders available on Waivers

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Someone dropped Miles Sanders in my league, I'm assuming after the three-headed RBBC in week 1.  I think he's worth picking up cuz he'll likely be the man by season's end.  Who should I drop in my standard league?  Should I can Newton and run with one QB or drop one of my many receivers (MVS?)?  Thanks for any advice.


QB - Jackson, Newton

RB - David Johnson, Aaron Jones, James White, Latavius Murray

WR - Beckham, Woods, Watkins, DJ Moore, Lockett, MVS, Marquise Brown

TE - Howard

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You could drop MVS or Brown for Sanders if you want.  I'd probably drop MVS before Brown.  Your WRs are pretty deep so you won't ever play MVS or Brown, likely.  I'm not as high on Sanders as everyone else, this year; next year will be a different story.  With Howard and Sproles involved, I think he's a risky play most weeks.  With that being said, you are deeper at WR than RB.  I wouldn't drop Newton.  He'll turn things around and you can use him as trade bait if you need.  Also, with as much as Jackson may run this year (I know he didn't need to in game one), there is always the risk for injury so it may be good to keep Newton around a little bit if you don't have many good QBs on the waiver wire.  If you have good QBs out there, I'm not opposed to dropping him, just not for Sanders.  

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