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Drop Dede, M.Brown, or someone else?

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10-team half PPR league

Having a very difficult time deciding who to drop for a Kicker (I picked up D.Jackson from waivers)

I love having a quality backup QB given how often Watson has been hurt in his career and the way he got hit already multiple times in week 1. I am weakest at RB so I am leaning towards keeping them all and hoping someone from the group of Freeman/Montgomery/M.Brown becomes more usable soon. Although I drafted him expecting big thing that leaves me with cutting Dede as I feel he is my least valuable WR. Mistake or correct choice?


My Team:


QB (Start 1)


RB (Start 1 plus up to 2 more*)
Josh Jacobs
Devonta Freeman


WR (Start 2 plus up to 2 more*)
Davante Adams
AJ Green
TE (Start 1)


*There are 2 RB/WR flex spots

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