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Who wins this trade: E. Sanders + Andrews for Prescott

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10 team, .5ppr


Team A:


QB: Winston

RB: DJ, Freeman, Kerryon, Coleman, Breida, Jackson

WR: Julio, Hilton, A.J. Green, Fuller, Sanders, Hardman

TE: Andrews, Waller, Hockenson


Team B:


QB: Jackson, Prescott

RB: Chubb, Ingram, Drake, Singletary, Hunt

WR: Hopkins, Thielen, Edelman, Marquise Brown, DJ Chark

TE: Howard, Graham

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I think the trade benefits team A more than team B because:


Team A does not need Sanders given his other WRs and his TEs are pretty much equal.


Team B can use the TE upgrade (assuming Howard continues to tank) but I don't see Sanders being much of an addition at WR.


As to 'winning the trade' the only way to tell is wait until the end of the year and do an analysis of the points total for each player and how they contributed to the win/loss for each week.  Even though I am retired with a bit of time on my hands I would not take on that work.  By then I am starting to think about all the things I need to get done because I spent so much time on fantasy football.


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Thanks, y'all. Just a debate between team A and team B. I agree that it helps us both out. I don't think team B realizes that if he got Sanders he would easily be his safest flex option if one of his starting RBs or WRs went down.

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