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Go against 19 other teams and try to stay alive for another week.


The contest starts out with 20 Teams on 11/11/19 (NBA Week 4) and each scoring period will run from Monday through Sunday. At the end of each scoring period, the team with the lowest score will be eliminated/chopped from the Tournament. After a team is eliminated their players will be returned to the free agent player pool where the remaining teams will bid on these players each week using a Faab system. The team that is able to stay alive and strengthen their team enough to be the last team standing wins the $1,000 First Prize.

The last two teams will battle it out in a two-week grand finale to establish the Champion!



Platform – ESPN


Entry $50.00 Paid Through LeagueSafe


$1,000.00 Winner Take All First Prize.


Complete League Details, Roster Makeup, and Scoring



Join Here -




First come first serve basis, first 20 Team to pay entry. I will send your ESPN Invite after payment has been received.



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