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Great WRs on wire, help me add one and decide who to drop

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Ok due to a recent trade and an idiot dropping DeMarcus Robinson to add Ronald Jones there are a plethora of quality WRs on the wire. Available are DeMarcus Robinson, DeSean Jackson, MVS, and Sutton. DeMarcus Robinson is the obvious add but MVS is going to get a lot of usage while Adams sits and Sutton is arguably the better season long choice since he gets steady targets and Robinson may not get as much run when Hill returns. So who do I grab?


The tougher choice is who to drop. Here is my lineup:


RB: Barkley, Gallman, Gordon, Damien and Darrell Williams

WR: ODB, TY Hilton, Woods, Tate, J Brown

TE: Andrews, D Walker


As you can see I have 4 spots taken up by a position I can only start 2 players in which sucks but is necessary for me right now. I got lucky in grabbing D Walker to cover my week 8 bye so I would hate to let go of him. The only other reasonable drop I have is J Brown and I would hate to do that since he is the clear #1 for Buffalo. Is Robinson or one of the other WRs available worth dropping Brown? Is there someone else I should drop instead? My gut is telling me I should get Robinson and that not getting him off the wire while I can is a mistake.


@Montana is da Man I know I am always tagging you, I just value your opinion since last year 😉

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To me, you have to drop one of the williams boys from KC.  Whichever you value less gets the boot.  


I'd add djax.  MVS, Sutton and Robinson all have greater downsides than Djax in my opinion.

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