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Never too late 12 Team NFL Guillotine League - $25.00 Entry through TeamStake.

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$300.00 Winner Take All!

Yahoo League Settings -

If you are not familiar with a Guillotine League It is a new kind of Fantasy Football league, no h2h, just points. Every week the team with the lowest score is eliminated from the league, and their players are dumped back into the player pool. Everyone left bids on them using a FAAB system. By week 16 only 2 teams are left to play for the $300.00 prize.

Entry Fees will be paid through TeamStake here is the link -

TeamStake is a service just like LeagueSafe. I usually use LeagueSafe but they have closed NFL regular season signup.

Payout is through Majority Vote just like LeagueSafe

$25.00 Entry - Last Team Standing wins $300.00

Draft will be tomorrow night on Yahoo - 9:00pm central

Here is some more info- not playing it on Fanball but a good general description.

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