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My team 

Qb Murray, Goff

Rb CMC, Fournette, Carson, Michel

Wr J. Jones, Golladay, Fitzgerald, McLaurin, Chark, Tate

Te Waller, Dissly


His team

Qb Wilson

Rb Zeke, Sanders, Thompson

Wr Smith-Schuster, Thielen, Boyd, Kirk, Anderson, M. Brown, Westbrook

Te Kittle, Ebron


Context: He's last in our league and wants to do something about it. 


I sent the first trade trade proposal knowing he wasn't going to say yes, but wanted to get the ball rolling 


Fournette, Watkins, Chark for Zeke, Kittle 


He rebutted with 

CMC, Carson, Watkins for Zeke, Smith-Schuster, Thompson, Anderson


I don't know what to rebutt with considering his rebuttal offer, but know Carson needs to be included. I'm not including CMC.

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