Leonard, Darius

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I play in several IDP leagues and he is an interesting story right now. 

He's going to play today after 3 weeks in concussion protocol, a time during which he has admitted having doubts about continuing the game. Those doubts sounded serious to me. 


During his time away from the team, Leonard debated his NFL future. "That’s when I really started thinking, ‘Wait a minute. Now I have a wife and kid," Leonard recalls. "I’ve had a headache for three weeks. Will I ever be the same? Do I keep playing? You have those thoughts in the back of your head." 

This has me wondering what kind of effort... no... not effort, wrong word,...  I wonder if he will be tentative out there or be hesitant and how that will could alter his game and productivity or at worst, lead to further injury?   But then again, I am not an athlete and couldn't tell you how to fight such battles. 


And of course.... the requisite WDIS question: Darius Leonard or Demario Davis?

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Both Houston and Chicago are bottom half of points allowed to linebackers.  Regardless I'd still go Leonard, mainly because Davis may not see as many snaps as normal with Chicago's abysmal offense.  Also provided the Bears didn't fix anything in the bye, it will be a good game for Orlean's line to get some sacks and/or backfield tackles.  Think there will only be scraps for the backers.  Just an IMO though. 

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