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So right now I'm 5-2 sitting in 3rd place. First and Second place are sitting at 6-1. However, last week my team got slaughtered as i didn't even break 80pts. (Average for top 5 teams is around 125-130pts). None of my players are on bye this week so my Starters are the same. Starting to wonder if I should shake up a roster spot via a trade or take a flier on a waiver sleeper/handcuff. Trying to plan best for ROS as i feel last couple weeks I've seen a decline in production overall.


Below is my team. 4/7 bench out or questionable. I am WR heavy so maybe try to work a trade for a solid 4th RB than Chris Thompson? AJ Green I'm hoping comes back week 9 or 10, enough to help in playoffs but with Bengals sucking there's no need to rush him back so wondering if he is a wasted spot. 


Any advice is very welcomed! What would you do if it were your team? 



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If aim for s better rb2 than Freeman.  


Utilize green or Kirk and add in a rb to try and upgrade over freeman

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