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Ideas needed.

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Standard League.


My current Roster:


RB - C. McCaffrey 

RB - E. Elliot

RB - M. Mack

RB - L. McCoy 

RB - Drake


WR - C. Godwin 

WR - G. Tate

WR - K. Stills

WR - M Sanu


I'm looking to boost my WR core. Noone seems to be interested in McCoy or Drake so I'm willing to part with Mack.


Who would you target (WR) in exchange for Mack. I know it is hard when you dont know the other teams. But, that aside, I just want to get a feel for what is a fair deal and some WRs that may be worth trading for. Thanks!

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Look where Mack is ranked in standard scoring leagues and expect a WR return in around the same area. I would consider him an RB2 so look to get a WR2.

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