Drake or Samuels at rb2?

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Chubb is my rb1. I have David Johnson and Kenyan Drake in az for tonight, along with Jaylen Samuels. The Thursday night game factor is really making this turn into a gamble. If I knew James Connor would be out I would go with Samuels for sure. But I could end up sitting Johnson and drake only to find out on Sunday that connors is playing and Samuels doesn’t look like a strong play. Anyone have any advice for this situation?

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Jacobs played through pretty much the same injury that Connor has, so I wouldn't bank on him missing the game.  Also can't really bank on Drake for a ton IMO though.  Fast-paced offense with no time to learn the playbook or pass-protections in a game they should be way behind against a tough D..... Guess if I had to chose I'd take Drake and hope for some dump offs turning into decent gains, but not loving either option.

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