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last try: do i keep both Buc receivers?

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Hesitant to keep both, although they both are solid - thinking of trading Godwin and pairing him with one of my RB's


When packaged with Gordon i have two offers on the table:

1. Amari Cooper / Todd Gurley and

2.  Cooper Kupp / LeVeon Bell


A downgrade at RB but my other RB's are Chubb, Barkley and Dalvin Cook.

Should i think about moving either Barkley or Chubb instead of Gordon and see if Hill or Thomas owner would budge?

Should i just stick with both Buc receivers, hope Winston keeps finding them both in high scoring games?

Should i move Gordon and Godwin for one of those offers?

Should i try to move Gordon for one of those receivers straight up (and then be faced with decision who to start each week)?

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I wouldn’t move Gordon 

you wanna trade godown that’s fine 

maybe Godwin for cooper

you kinda lose that trade but at least you aren’t playing two bucs 

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Playing both Godwin and Evans is about the only way that I would feel comfortable playing either of them at this point since it is impossible to tell which week will be a good week for who. Plus I am definitely not a fan of you losing Gordon.

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