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Late Season Lineup Advice

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Won two in a row. 4-7. Two 4-7 teams play each other so at least one team will be 4-8 in our last week. 


Here is my lineup:


QB: Carr, Goff

RB: Barkley, Jacobs, Coleman, Henry, Hunt

WR: Julio, J. Brown, Crowder, Woods

TE: Henry, Jared Cook

K: Lutz

D: Rams


Roster slot open and I will probably dump Rams and possibly Goff. Eyeing a defense, receiver, qb on waiver. May add a running back just so no one else can. 


Realistic trades, either things I have actually been offered or can probably pull off


1. John Brown for Matt Ryan

2. John Brown for Jameis Winston

3. Offer Coleman/Hunt for Wentz


Package 4 guys to land a Davante Adams (unlikely but owner is 4-7 and has no running backs) Something like brown, coleman, hunt, woods for Adams.


Available on waivers:


1. QB: Mayfield, Darnold, Cousins, Driskel

2. WR: Parker, Slayton, 

3. DEF: Packers, Lions, Browns


So my question is which way do I go.


1. Change nothing

2. Swing a trade for a QB

3. Just move guys for waiver claims to pad roster in hopes I make playoffs. 

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