NFL Postseason Fantasy Throw-Down

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NFL Postseason Pool played on 200 Spots available, $10.00 per entry, enter up to 5 Teams. Top Ten Spots Payout.

Starts January 4th

Rules and Settings -

$10.00 per entry, enter up to 5 Teams

Top Ten Spots Payout. If all 200 entries are filled the payout will be –

(1st-$800) (2nd-$300) (3rd-$175) (4th-$150) (5th-$125)

(6th-$110) (7th-$100) (8th-$90) (9th-$80) (10th-$70)

100% Payout, If we do not get 200 entries the prize money will be adjusted for the number of entries.


No Salary, players can only be started once throughout the entire NFL playoffs. Use strategy to build a new roster every week and accumulate points weekly all the way up to the Super Bowl.


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