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2019 Playoff Seedings

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5.5.1 Seeding
Six teams advance to the post-season, the best three winning percentages from each division with the division winners getting the #1 division seed.

Seeding tiebreakers will be: 

A. Head-to-head record - including group head to head winning percentage if more than two teams.
B. Total overall points
C. Conference record
D. All play record
E. Dice roll


The MFL Bracket can be found here.


Beavis Division:


#1 Seed - Dragline (11-2)

#2 Seed - Huntington Beach Longhorns (8-5)

#3 Seed - River City Reform (7-6, 2-0 H2H over Yetis)


Butthead Division:


#1 Seed - Angry Groper Brewhounds (8-5)

#2 Seed - Hagerstown Seminoles (7-6)

#3 Seed - Favre Dollar Footlongs (6-7, 3-1 Group H2H over Beirut and Maryland)



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