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Semi finals week 3 seed (me) vs 2.

current guy starting in caps backup in regular size need some help deciding what receiver to play with tyreek and which remaining rb/wr to play for flex. Deandre Washington is available but I’d have to choose to drop someone. Please give some advice it’s PPR and big plays have escalated points.  Feel like the receiver options are a crap shot as with the tight end so feel like my chances of a big week are the same no matter what tight end or receiver I use or if I use a receiver instead of a RB for flex. Any advice would help a ton.








kicker- Greg the leg

Def-buff. Tampa and Seattle  available but have to drop buff.




Matt Ryan 

Darius slayton

jack Doyle 

Robby Anderson 

mike Williams 

Jordan Howard 





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Yah I had him in there but then put paschal. I can pick up deondre Washington tonite but have to drop someone or Matt Ryan just got this week and next week to go. 

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Currently have this lineup set. Could possibly swap a flex for a receiver off the bench it’s a 1 point PPR with bonuses for 40 yard catches and runs etc in yahoo. Deandre Washington is still available to pick up but I’d have to drop a player.


WR-T hill

WR slayton


RB-M sanders 

TE- Higbee

W/R- James White




-Matt Ryan 

-jack doyle

-Robby Anderson 

-mike Williams

-Jordan Howard 

-Zach pascal

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