Do I Win?

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This is for the Championship. I’m down by 26 points standard scoring.


He Has - Waller (100 yards in the first quarter but quiet since)


I Have - Tannehill Henry A Brown and B Cooks left


Again down by 26 now that the games are at halftime, do you think I can keep climbing and nudge past him? Or is Waller going to keep me away???

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2 hours ago, Comm1 said:


Tannehill and AJ Brown killed it for me too end of the year and championship...i think i dropped Goff that week he had 3 points and went with Tannehill...always had AJ on bench but for the last 2 weeks and playoffs i had him in and he killed it for me. AJ brown will be a 2nd round pick all day long next year. if you can, watch matthew berry interviewing him and giving his espn projections for the year... brown says that they are so wrong and he will crush projections by 2x... well he did even better than that by 3x or 4x. I will be grabbing him and Tannehill again next year. If im not able to grab my usual Mahomes Kelce pair...there are few teams you can do that with and titans became the next one.... even give me some Henry ill ride hard on those 3. 

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