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Playoff League.

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I'm in a playoff league.


10 teams PPR, 6 point passing TDs.


The setup is as follows:


Top 4 scoring teams after the 1st two weeks (Divisional and Wildcard rounds) advance to  the second round.


In the second round the scores reset to zero and the top 2 scoring teams in the third week (Conference Championship) move on to the final round. Week 1 and 2 scores do not carry over


In the final round whoever scores more points in the Superbowl wins. Scores from week 3 do not carry over they reset. 


The Roster allows for

1 QB

1 RB

2 WR

2 Flex (W/R/T)

1 TE

1 K 

4 Bench spots


I'm picking fourth and my options are either Michael Thomas (who will play 1 more game in the 1st round) or Patrick Mahomes (has the bye so will only play 1 game in the opening round). FYI Lamar Jackson, Drew Brees, and Alvin Kamara were the first 3 picks. Go with Thomas or Mahomes?

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In PPR, I'd take Thomas.   There will still be a good qb available later and Thomas has a real chance to play 4 games

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