So the Jets killed Carl

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Must watch TV for Jets fans: 

On Curb your Enthusiasm tonight, Larry's friend and golf partner Carl's dismay over the Jets' continual losing just ate him up inside and drove him to suicide.

Carl's suicide note said: "I can't take any more disappointment."

An instant classic. 

And of course Larry David tries to bang the widow. 


This is hysterical.  Widow tells Larry that her husband woke up in the middle of the night screaming "Watson".  Widow asks Larry if it is some reference to Sherlock Holmes.  Larry explains to her the nightmare inducing trauma of the Jets passing on DeShaun Watson in the 2017 draft [and instead drafting some box safety].  

Oh boy.


"killed himself because of the f-cking Jets"  must have been said 4 times already.  

My wife laughing so hard pointing at me.   He even has an argument with the widow over the ASJ non-catch against the Patriots a couple of years ago that was really a TD.


He even threw in a Knicks reference:  "The Jets killed Carl, and a little bit of the Knicks"


at the funeral:

Widow to Larry at funeral: "F'ing Jets" ......  "The Jets ruined our marriage" .....  "So Carl is just another loss on their record."

Larry: "I don't think that's the first person they've done that to."

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I thought by the thread title that our tech support guy had died.

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100% pure genius - my God. Thanks for sharing!

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