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$50 Dynasty Startup, SF, TE Prem

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Spongebob Squarepants themed Startup dynasty held on fleaflicker. $50 entry through leaguesafe. .5 PPR .5 pt per 1st with TE premium. See full details below:

Email me at if interested

Basic Info

12 franchises 

Slow startup draft, and league, will be held on Fleaflicker

$50 buy-in

Dynasty league – full keepers

Full trading, including draft picks

Every team must have a spongebob theme

Communication via groupme:

Payment via leaguesafe:

Buy-in and Payouts

Pay via leaguesafe: 

Payment for the first (2020) season will be due before the draft starts. First 12 to pay will be assured entry into the league.

Payment for future seasons will be due on or before September 1st of the prior year - so, everyone must pay for the 2021 season on or before September 1st, 2020. This is to assure commitment in the league, and will make it possible for us to find a replacement owner if an owner abandons a team (see “Orphans” section). 

However, let’s say after the 2020 season you’re not interested in continuing, you may “sell” your team - get another new owner to pay you $50, and your money for 2021 will transfer over to the new owner (though note they’ll have to pay for 2022).

If you trade a future 1st round rookie pick, you must pay in advance for the following season - so if you trade your 2021 1st, you must pay for 2022 as well.

Payouts: Total Pot, $600

Regular season most points for: $50

1st place: $350

2nd place: $150

3rd place: $50

Rosters and Scoring

11 Starters:

1 QB

2 RB

4 WR

2 Flex (RB/WR/TE)

1 TE

1 Superflex (QB/RB/WR/TE)

21 Bench

2 IR - allows PUP, IR, IR Designated to Return

34 max players

See full scoring rules on the fleaflicker site

5 points per passing TD

-3 for INT

0.5 PPR, 0.5 Point per 1st down for all positions

TE’s get an additional 0.5PPR and 0.5 point per 1st down 

No yardage bonuses

Otherwise, traditional scoring settings

Decimal scoring

Startup Draft

To determine the start-up draft order, we will place all 12 teams into an online randomizer. This will determine our derby draft order. The first person on the derby draft order will have their choice of any of the 12 openings for the start-up draft. Then the second person in the derby draft order will pick their spot for the start-up draft, etc. The draft will follow the 3rd round reversal method. For details, see example below:

The 3RR is when the draft order gets reversed in the third round, so a team that picked twelfth in the first round and first in the second round, will get to choose first in the third round and then last in the rest of the even rounds and first in the odd rounds.  This deemphasizes the importance of the first pick overall and gives each team a more equalized chance at winning a fantasy championship. The 3RR is for more seasoned fantasy football players.

So for instance, if you pick to have the 1st pick, you will pick at 1.01, 2.12, 3.12, 4.01, 5.12, 6.01 etc.

If you pick 12th, you will have 1.12, 2.01, 3.01, 4.12, 5.01 etc.

The draft will be a 32 round, slow draft. You will have 4 hours to pick a player, to allow franchise owners to draft, despite busy schedules. If you’ll be busy, you can leave a list with someone picking after you to assure you don’t hold up the draft. The timer will pause overnight from 12 - 8AM EST.

Trades are allowed during the startup

If your time expires, the draft will continue without you. You must contact the commissioner to make your pick. Any pick made from people “after” you remains valid.



$1000 budget each year

No trading FAAB

Waivers will run every Friday during the offseason, beginning with the friday after the draft. Waivers will run every day during the regular season, excluding Monday and Tuesday. 


Trades are allowed and encouraged. We will, in general, have a no veto rule. Especially given the dynasty format, it can be difficult to judge whether a trade is “fair,” so all trades will be allowed unless there is legitimate concern of collusion. If 3 league members complain that a trade is suspect of collusion, the league manager will review the trade, and communicate with both members of the trade to hear their perspective. At that point, if the league manager feels there was collusion, the trade will be reversed, and the managers will be kicked out of the league. I do not expect this to be an issue.

You may trade at any time, unless you are currently in the playoffs.


The top 6 teams will make playoffs, with the top 4 getting in based on record, and the next two getting in based on most points scored. The top 2 seeds will receive a bye, with a bracket-like system to follow. The regular season will be through week 13, with the playoffs occurring from week 14 – 16.

There is no consolation bracket.

Rookie Draft

The rookie draft order will be determined as follows:

The six non-playoff teams will receive the top 6 picks in the rookie draft, with the team with the least “potential points” receiving the number one overall pick. If you’d like more detail on how potential points works, just ask (or google it), but basically, potential points are calculated by taking the optimal lineup points, so it factors in total team quality. In order to “tank”, you can’t just bench your best players as soon as you get eliminated from the playoffs, because players on the bench factor into potential points. Legitimate tanking is a part of the game, in real life and fantasy, so if you want to drop or trade good players for future assets, that’s fine, but you won’t be able to tank with lineup manipulation

Picks 7-12 of the rookie draft will be determined by reverse order of when playoff teams are eliminated, with the tiebreaker going to the less potential points (so the two teams eliminated in the 1st round of playoffs in week 14 will receive picks 7 and 8, with pick 7 going to the team with less regular season potential points).

The rookie draft will be four rounds.


Communication via Groupme. Please pay attention for all major announcements.

Rule changes

For any smaller changes (such as when the trade deadline is), a majority vote (7/12) is needed.

For any larger changes that affect roster construction (such as changing from PPR, away from superflex, etc.), 9/12 votes are needed. In general, we’ll avoid these large changes, and the commissioner reserves the right to veto these outright.

Commissioner info

I reserve the right to make judgement calls, always with the best interest of the league at heart, when unforeseen or special circumstances arise.

Feel free to reach out with any questions


If you’d like to leave the league, please let me know as soon as possible. It is then your job to recoup as much money as you can that you’ve already paid (for future seasons), if you can find someone to take over your team. If you do not find someone to take over your team and pay for the future seasons, the commissioner will be tasked with finding an owner, and all future funds will be forfeited

COVID-19 Qualification

Each season is considered official if the NFL plays at least 11 games (which gives us time for 8 regular season and 3 playoff weeks). If the NFL does not play this many games, the season is null and void, and all money rolls over to the following season.


Rosters will expand on or around the NFL Super Bowl every year, an additional 4 spots. Rosters will remain at this size until approximately 2 weeks before the next season

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