Devy/Dynasty/Superflex Startup, 5 Owners Needed, Creative Payouts

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Starting up a deep Devy/Dynasty/Superflex league and have 5 spots left.

Looking for long term, committed owners.

$150 buy-in with some creative payouts to try retaining all owners long term:
-$30 to every weeks highest scorer (weeks 1-16)
-1st- $650
-2nd- $300
-3rd- $170
-Toilet bowl winner (2 lowest optimum point teams play in week 16, higher score is winner): $50
-Top College Scout (Lowest average overall draft position of Devy players drafted to the NFL each year): $50
-Building for the future (youngest average team age at the end of the NFL season): $50
-Toughest Schedule (Team with most points scored against them): $50

2Def Flex
27 bench spots
30 IR spots

.5 PPR with 1 PPR TE Premium

FAAB, always on waivers both in season and off season (FAAB budget resets for offseason)

Run through fleaflicker

Startup draft to include veterans and rookies. 1st season will have 12 round devy draft in reverse order of startup draft.

Every following season will have a 3 round rookie slow draft and an 8 round devy slow draft. 1st 6 draft positions will be based on optimum points, picks 7-12 based on playoff results.

Please let me know if you're interested, know of someone else who would be interested, or have any questions, email:

Thank you!

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