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Very unique 8 team start up league looking for one more owner. League was full but had one back out last minute for financial reasons. Looking to start the draft later this week. Check out the rules and settings below (including fees and payouts). League is ideal for someone who is in multiple leagues and looking for something that won't require a large commitment, especially the first two years. Please shoot me a message at if interested. 

* A 5 round Rookie Only Draft will be held shortly after the NFL Draft in 3 consecutive years. Drafts will be slow, email snake drafts with 8 hour timer (paused during overnight hours). This year's draft will start as soon as league is full and entry fees are paid.

* Each franchise will eventually consist of the 15 players drafted during those 3 Rookie Drafts.

* There will be 2 copies of each player available to draft at QB and TE and 1 copy of each player at RB and WR. One copy of each player per team. 

* Draft order will be generated as follows: Year 1 (random), Year 2 (reverse order of Year 1), Year 3 (random).

* Year round trading will be allowed but limited waivers/free agency process.

* In season waivers will take place in year 3 only and will be held via blind bidding process with $100 FAAB budget but will be limited to players who were drafted in any of the last 3 NFL Drafts (that occurred during the league's existence). No players who entered the NFL during a period outside of this league's existence will be available at any time. If a team accidentally (or otherwise) claims an ineligible player, that player will simply be removed from that team by the commissioner. 

* No formal competition years one and two. Best ball tourney in year 3 only (weeks 1-16) for all the marbles. 

* PPR scoring format with .5 points per reception for RB, WR, (and QB) and 1.5 points per reception for TE (TE premium).* 6 player starting lineups. Starters will include 1 SUPERFLEX (QB/RB/WR/TE), 1 RB, 1 WR, 3 FLEX (RB/WR/TE). Starting players at QB and/or TE is optional but comes with obvious advantages. No defense or kickers.

* Some scoring settings will be fractional and will include: .1 points per yard for rushing and receiving (equivalent of 1 point per 10 yards) and .04 points per yard passing (equivalent of 1 point per 25 yards).

* 6 points per rushing and receiving TD and 4 points per passing TD. 

* Entry fees will be a total of $150 and will be collected and held via Leaguesafe. $100 non refundable fee owed prior to Year 1 draft, $50 non refundable fee owed prior to Year 2 draft, $0 owed prior to Year 3 draft. Owners will also spilt the MFL site fee (as stated below).

* $1200 total prize pot. $1000 1st Place / $200 2nd Place.

* League will be hosted on MFL (My Fantasy League) site in year 3 only. We will use MFL because it is the best site for custom formats like this one. All communication will be via email for first 2 years. League site fees would be split among all 8 owners and would be collected with year 3 drafting fees. (Current MFL charge is $69.95 for early bird) so site cost would likely come out to approximately $7 per owner.

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