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Setting Up A New Guillotine League

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If you are interested in playing in a Guillotine League I am setting up a new one. I have 11 teams so I'm looking for 6 more owners. Here's the setup:


Type of League

The unique concept of Guillotine Fantasy Football leagues was developed by expert Paul Charchian. There are no head to head matchups yet the lowest scoring team each week is eliminated for the season. Here is the crazy caveat: the entire roster of the eliminated team is dropped and available for pickup of players through blind bidding acquisition.

There are seventeen (17) teams which sets up perfectly for a sixteen (16) week season. The last man standing [highest score in Week 16 of the two (2) remaining teams] will have earned the Champion title. The lower score of that Week 16 is our runner-up.


Cost and Payout

League Buy-In: $60

MFL Fee: $34.00

Total Prize Money: $60 x 17 - $34 = $986

Weekly High Score payout is $10 for weeks 1 thru 15 (Paid at end of Season)

$980 - $150 = $836

Championship payout: $585.00

Runner-Up payout: $251.00


Scoring Rules

Rules for QB, RB, WR, TE

Passing TD -= 6 Point

Passing Yard = 0.05 Points per Yard

Interceptions Thrown = - 2 Points

Passing 2 Pointers = 2 Points

Rushing Yards = 0.1 Points per Yard

Rushing 2 pointers = 2 Points

Receiving Yards = 0.1 Point per Yard

Receiving TD = 6 points

Receptions = 1 Point

Receiving 2 Pointers = 2 Points

Fumbles Lost = -2 Points


Rules for RB, WR, TE

Rushing First Downs = 0.5 Points

Receiving First Downs = 0.5 Points

Number of Decimal Places For League Scoring:   2



Lineup and Rosters

An owner will start eight (8) spots each week as follows:

1 QB

2-4 RB

2-4 WR

1-3 TE

There are six (6) bench spots giving each owner a roster size of fourteen (14) players. There is NO Injured Reserve.



Not Allowed


Weekly Elimination

Each week the lowest scoring team (for that week) is eliminated for the season. Additionally, his players are dropped at 10 AM EST Tuesday and available for the remaining owners to acquire through blind bidding waivers.

In the event that two (2) or more teams tie for the lowest score in a given week then the tiebreakers are as follows:

1st Tiebreaker = Lowest Blind Bid Balance is eliminated; and,

2nd Tiebreaker = Higher First Round Draft Order is eliminated (i.e. 15th spot survives over 3rd spot in the draft).



Slow Draft, Snake with a 3rd Round Reversal as follows:

Round 1 = 1-17

Round 2 = 17-1

Round 3 = 17-1

Rounds 4-14 = Repeat of Rounds 1 & 2



Blind Bidding and Waivers

Each owner is allotted $1000 (play money) for blind bid and first come, first served (FCFS) waivers throughout the season. Minimum blind bid is $0 (play money). FCFS waiver pickups will not deduct from available blind bid balance funds to pick up free agents.

Zero blind bidding ($0) is allowed. Free agent times are as follows:

8 PM EST WED = Blind bids process

1 PM EST THURS = FCFS begins

Note: Dropped players are locked until 8 AM EST TUES

Owners are prevented from making any add/drops between kickoff of that player's game and the end of the last game of the week.

Blind bids ties before the conclusion of the first week will be broken by earliest bid. Subsequent weeks the priority shall be as follows:

Tiebreaker = Earliest Submitted Bid Wins

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This through league safe. Sorry if I missed it.

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No,  Not using LeagueSafe.  I have 12 teams so far, most of them are local folks so we didn't consider Leaguesafe.  I do understand the worry though, been burned once before. But if it helps I'm a long Time Huddler, and Commish a league that started on the Huddle (BoTH League), and I'm active in 3 other leagues with folks here on the huddle.  


If you have any other questions let me know....

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DM sent

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