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COVID19 Season contingencies

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So here’s my plan for playing out the season. How's this sound for you guys?


Fantrax league fee is due by the start of week 4 so if the season is cancelled with 3 weeks played or less, all will get a refund of 2020 league entry fees in full.


If we play 4 - 6 weeks and then the rest of the season is cancelled, all will get a refund less the $5 prorated league software fee. 


If we play 7 - 14 weeks and then the rest of the season is cancelled, we’ll give payouts to top 3 teams teams in the standings on each ship as of season end.






If we play 15 weeks,  (which would include the semifinals of playoffs), the top 3 get payouts after the semifinals have been played and the top 3 decided. The top 2 teams would split the top payout.


If we play 16 weeks, we proceed with typical payouts.


IR Spots

Though we voted to rid ourselves of these before manure hit the fan, I will instead be increasing these from 3 to 10 for this season only and you may now add players who are not only on IR but also listed as OUT-- more or less any player with a red flag next to their name.  For this season only we will all need max roster flexibility for surprise Covid19 inactives.

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I'm in

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