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Running back LaDainian Tomlinson practiced and looked "good," said coach Marty Schottenheimer, adding that Tomlinson was "making good progress."


That is all the second article said about LT. It is a hard "read" as to what is really happening. My feeling is that he is doing much better because he actually is practicing. They have been holding him out of practice completely for weeks except for Friday Walk-throughs.


Some have said they are trying to give opponents a reason to re-focus on the running game of the Bolts to take emphasis away from prepping for the passing game. A healthy LT is something that can be as distracting as anything in the NFL. If LT is not that much better, then there is the "smoke" factor that could cover this angle.


I am getting many mixed signals here in San Diego. My friend that works for the Chargers says that LT looks more "up" than he has been in quite a few weeks and has a better spring in his step around the complex, but he does not get to see much of the actual practice sessions. Once the groin starts to heal, it can be OK for regular gettin' around, but on the field is a different story.


Tomlinson, who despite being limited has rushed for 689 yards and eight touchdowns, and caught 27 passes for 249 yards.
That is still over 900 yards in production and 8 TDs to date. In my league, he has only had one game that was not double digits (week three in Denver) and has been in double digits in every game he has been gimpy (injured week four), is #16 overall, and is the #7 overall RB. He may not be living up to the #1 overall that was tagged on him by many, but he is still a fantasy force and can not be regarded as a tank or wasted pick. If he is healthy during the FF playoffs, he was well worth the investment. Chargers at Browns week 15 and Charger at Colts week 16 :D


Based on all of this info, I think LT is doing better. If he seems better in general, then that has to translate to the field at some level. If LT has got back just a little of the wiggle (hey, poetry), then he could be looking at some of the classic long gainers he has been known for. His ability to "get small" and make those "ankle breaker cuts" have been dilluted because of the groin. He still has good straight away speed through the crease and in the open, though the "burst" has been lacking as well. The passing game of the Chargers and a VASTLY under-rated O-Line has certainly opened things up for him and I think that his success has been as much related to that than his dinged abilities. This offense should be scary good if LT is able to shake off the groin and get back to 95% of what we all know he can do.


Start him with confidence! He has always eaten the Raiders alive anyway.

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I said this before and I will say it again.

I will be AFRAID of Tomlinson if the chargers are fighting for a playoff spot which they are.


He is going to be running on all cylinders groin or not.


Great post man, much appreciated!

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Way to keep all those LT owners out there informed! :D

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:D ...I'm so glad I traded for him on his bye week...I still won and the owner who traded him away still lost that week :D


good look on this article..


I feel like he's much better...obviously...but to top it off, they are trying to take the focus off the passing game...and I hope he's more of a factor in the passing game as that is double the fantasy points for me in that case....


let us know any more is GREATLY appreciated

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:D  McBoog. Good stuff.



Thank You :D


Here is another article I found.


Fargas getting healthy, but Tomlinson is, too



• Raiders offense could use a boost, but Chargers star's return to health would only enhance an already potent arsenal


Raiders notebook


ALAMEDA -- The Raiders are counting on the return of running back Justin Fargas adding some firepower to their offense Sunday against the San Diego Chargers. He didn't play against the Chargers in the teams' first meeting Oct. 31, a 42-14 San Diego victory.


The Chargers counter with the news that star running back LaDainian Tomlinson participated in a Thursday practice for the first time since he sustained a groin injury Oct. 3.


"He worked and he looked good," Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer said after practice Thursday. "He is making progress."


That doesn't bode well for a Raiders team that struggles against the run. Tomlinson rushed for only 71 yards on 19 carries in the first game between the teams this season.


All but two of those carries came in the first half. He took off most of the second half so he could rest his injury. His past two games at Network Associates Coliseum have yielded monster results.


Tomlinson rushed for 187 yards and one touchdown last season and 153 and one touchdown in 2002. The Chargers having a bye week last Sunday has enabled Tomlinson to get back near full strength."


"The week off helped him," Schottenheimer said. "I don't know that he's 100 percent, but I don't know if there but a few players in the league right now who are 100 percent."


Fargas suffered a "turf toe" injury in the Raiders' opener at Pittsburgh. Since then he has missed four games and been limited in four others.


Fast company


Former Cal player David Binn already has led a charmed life. He has played 11 seasons in the NFL as a long-snapper for the Chargers, missing only one game. Now comes word that he is dating actress Pamela Anderson.


So it says on several Web sites, including Anderson's attendance at San Diego's most recent home game added fuel to the story.


"I heard she was at the game, too," Binn told Chargers beat writers. "I guess she likes football."


Binn refused to comment further on the issue. He and Anderson have been linked since they played in a charity golf tournament in Vancouver, British Columbia, over the summer.


Blacked out


Sunday's game will not be televised locally because the remaining 10,000 or so tickets that needed to be sold by Thursday afternoon weren't purchased by the league-mandated deadline.


Extra point


Tight end Teyo Johnson spent some time in practice at wide receiver this week because injuries to receivers Alvis Whitted (hip) and Johnnie Morant (knee) -- Carlos Francis (knee) is on injured reserve -- have left the Raiders with only three healthy receivers: Jerry Porter, Doug Gabriel and Ronald Curry.


-- Steve Corkran



Link To Article


I quoted the whole article because in order to read it you have to sign up for their service. Since I don't remember half of the Athena I sign up for, I figured I would save you all the hassle.


The other part of the story about Pamela Anderson is funny! I hope Binn doesn't get Hep or something else from that overused Hootchie B)

Edited by McBoog

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LT's production is down, but that's partly due to injury, partly due to having a capable backup (why NOT rest LT when Chatman is fully capable of closing out a not-very-close game?), and MAINLY due to the fact that SD's passing game is light years ahead of last year, what with the development of Brees and Gates mainly but also the fact their WR corps is just more solid than it was last year, for whatever reason.


Great info, McBoog; as an LT owner myself, it's much appreciated.

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From the San Diego Union-Tribune today:


LaDainian Tomlinson practiced for the second straight day for the first time since straining his groin early last month and came away feeling good. "It feels a whole lot better" than it did at the same time two weeks ago, Tomlinson said. "It's really encouraging."


It's encouraging for Charger fans and LT owners too!!!

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