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Why is this Bennett post up again?

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Tice has been saying that he prefers one back as "the guy" and another as a "change of pace" back. Last week he called Bennett the starter but admitted this week the reason for that was that the first scripted play fit him better than Smith. Of course he was right. Bennett ran off a 10 yard run and then Smith was in more after that first play. Both backs ended up with the same number of carries, but Smith was on the field for much more of the game.


Tice stated that he thought that Michael looked much better in practice leading up to last week's game. He really did. But then Sunday rolls around and Smith gets the majority of the snaps.


Don't rely on Bennett. Tice really hasn't wanted to commit to any one of his backs lately. He likes Moore but says he's injured. If he wasn't injured, you'd get the impression that Tice doesn't know what he wants to do. I just don't think that he wants to rely on a rookie runningback down the home stretch and has a very quick hook for him after something doesn't go the right way. He doesn't want to rely on Bennett because he really doesn't have the shifty moves that the other backs have, but he doesn't want to disregard his speed either.


Smith seems to be the back that Tice is the most comfortable with. I don't see many 20 carry games for any of these guys. The team is definetly going to open up the offense more than they had since Moss has been out. The power team is gone.


I've always heard Tice say that you can't have enough runningbacks, but I really think it would be easier for him if he didn't have three or four good ones.

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