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When is a Stud no longer a Stud

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The biggest surprises this year have been Harrison and Holt.  They were solid studs, doing it multiple years in a row and have now fallen off the face of the earth.







Holt was really never a stud, IMO. He's always had the yardage, making him a consistent, high-second-tier player, but he was never even close to double-digit TDs until last season. People that drafted him in the first round this year obviously didn't take that into account.


Harrison's still a stud in my book, but barely. He's only on pace for about 1,100 yds, but will still end up with about 11 TDs. His inconsistency (or, more correctly, Manning's choice to use EVERY possible option in the passing game) this year is the problem. That may change next year, though, when both Pollard and Stokley are UFAs.


Ward has been the biggest disappointment on my teams this year. I'm seriously thinking of benching either him or Bruce next weekend in favor of Witten.

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