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1st Round/ Must Win

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Ok...I'v got some terrible mathups this week...this is how my lineup looks...




QB-B. Leftwich vs PIT


RB-J. Jones @ SEA

WR-T.O. vs GB

WR-J. Smith vs PIT

WR-D.Bennett @ IND





BENCH---QB- K. Boller vs CIN P.Ramsey vs NYG

RB- C. Brown/A. Smith @ IND E.Smith @DET

WR- L. Coles vs NYG DT- SD vs DEN


I'm concerned about starting Leftwich and J. Smith against Blitzburg....but my other options arent that great I was thinking of pulling J.Jones if C. Brown gets the start today..........What would you do??

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leave j. jones right where he is.

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I think you have started the best lineup you can. Pittsburgh has always been tough on the run but has shown some weakness from time to time to a good passer. Leftwich and Smith can provide that to you. I would not pull Jones, he has a good matchup and there is too much uncertainty with Brown. Even if he plays there is no guarantee he finishes the game with that gimp toe. Can you look at mine, need 2 RB Rudi, Blaylock, Goings.

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