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Grits and Shins

How did you get to your SB?

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I drafted Collins as a 3rd QB (we start 2) and picking up L. Johnson when Priest went down.. Had T.O. and started him all year.. Me and my Super Bowl opponent spent the most on WW moves so I guess it does payoff in the long run!! my 2 starting QBs were Brooks and the long forgotten Tommy Maddox.. I went RB,RB WR-- Priest Rudi and T.O... That and ALOT OF LUCK..

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That's a darn nice team. What moran would trade you Droughns?







Actually I think I was the moran in that trade ... he did not help me at all in the playoffs.

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here's my draft

6th pick of 11


R1 -Shaun Alexander

R2 - Peyton Manning

R3 - Stephan Davis

R4 - Darrell Jackson

R5 - Thomas Jones

R6 - Chris Chambers

R7 - Peerless Price

R8 - Carolina D

R9 - Warrick Dunn

R10 - Jason Elam

R11 - Joey Harrington

R12 - Joey Galloway


Wire pickups that helped thru out the year


bill team defense wk 6

maybe my best pu of the season who i released in wk 7 :eek: and pu again in wk 13 :D


jason witten wk 8

a pu resulting from terry glenn's injury who i had


julius jones and muhsin muhammad wk 12

these i think are the pickups that saved me, got em within a minute of each other and was at noon, everyone else had passed them by in the morning :D


this is my 3rd year in fantasy, the two previous years i have been in the toilet bowl!!! thanks to everyone on the boards, i often referred to the "football gods" throughout the season and yall came thru.


i just hope i win the rock and get my team name on it - will be the first girl!!! earlier this season our commish sent out an email talkin bout "da witches" in the league, would love to reply to it with a big attachment of me and the rock!

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In a dynasty auction league I rode TO all year as well as acquiring Brandon Stokely and Antonio Gates for way below what their production has been worth.


I started the year with Duce Staley who was putting up very good yardage but was getting his TD's vultured by Bettis. Since then I have almost exclusively turned in a lineup with both Warrick Dunn and TJ Duckett.

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