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  2. Rodgers wants out of GB

    God the actual football season cannot get here soon enough, all this stupid off season fabricated drama is so (the really bad word)ing annoying.
  3. Both of my expected RB keepers (Carson and Jacobs) too low I haven't followed Christian McCaffery's return from injury (and don't do redraft league) but a bit surprised he's still #1 overall. Is he really expected to return to 2019 form and be dominant?
  4. Any open sites allow for yardage-based PPR?

    I think my simple answer to your question is "we pay a fee to CBS to use their Fantasy League management site", but I've never heard of those being labeled Commissioner Leagues and have no idea what the "normal CBS leagues" you refer to would be. Either way I'm the league commissioner and have full access to setup the scoring categories. No the thing I'm talking about it NOT YARDAGE range, it is number of receptions. it looks like this From to Recpt(s),award point(s)for every Recpt(s) As I said (which you must have missed), there is nothing in the receptions category about yardage, zip, nada. When you tell us CBS has it I assume you've checked that out, but it sounds like you're either guessing it does or got some bad info from them or somebody else. Or I'm missing it. As I said in my reply in the other thread, probably a good idea to find out if such scoring is supported before getting so set on wanting to use it.
  5. Maybe they don't get any PI data at all. Again I'll ask what NFL based stat sites show you anything with specific totals for PI penalty yardage? I write computer software for a living, things are never as easy as the end user thinks, and they're often not as easy as the programmer hopes. I'd suggest you select scoring categories that are actually widely supported rather than come up with obscure scoring categories and then hope some league management site will support it, or make changes to support it. Or you can keep dreaming.
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    More Money For You And Me (Medley) - The Four Preps
  8. First redraft of the year - first 5 rounds

    It's a good point, people are scared of Robinson but talent usually finds opportunity, they may be too scared. Davante is the first thing that stuck out. Drafting this early is a real crapshoot. Carson is too low for me, but I suppose Penny is a risk. I don't want any part of Zeke. I havent followed Akers that much, I wouldnt put him that high but I haven't looked into it so it may be right. Interesting draft though
  9. First redraft of the year - first 5 rounds

    Etienne way to low.
  10. 2021 Offseason Schedule

    Now that the draft is complete, waivers will run every other week until the preseason starts, beginning with May 19.
  11. First redraft of the year - first 5 rounds

    Folks won't be sleeping on Cam Akers. Mixon too high, Ekeler too low. Just my two cents. R. Jones ahead of Fournette?
  12. I feel like I traveled back in time with all the RBs being taken.
  13. The uncertainty of Rodgers is really making his value plummet.
  14. Just finished my first redraft of the year. It is a very good group and the draft pretty much went exactly the way I expected. I drafted #12 and hoped for Travis Kelce but he's not making it that far much this year. I went for RB/RB instead of WR/WR which I almost did. Reason being the run on RBs is heavy and the low-risk RBs are getting mighty thin by the third or so round. Anything surprises from what you expect?
  15. Jonathan Taylor Trade Bait

    That's a negative, they're throwing quantity at you for quality. Don't be fooled.
  16. Jonathan Taylor Trade Bait

    I would ask for more. So you're being offered a 1.10, 2.10, and 2022-2nd rounder? Heck no!!!
  17. Jonathan Taylor Trade Bait

    No, keep Taylor
  18. 12 team Dynasty League. I have the 2nd overall pick in each round. I am being offered a 2021 1st, 2021 2nd (10th overall pick each round) and 2022 2nd (probably another overall late rounder) for Jonathan Taylor. Am I being too greedy wanting more or is this a win-win trade proposal?
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    Welcome To The Boomtown - David and David
  20. 2020 Spreadsheet

    looks like it works now thx
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  22. Any open sites allow for yardage-based PPR?

    Are you talking the normal CBS leagues or the Commissioner Leagues that you have to pay for? I'm referring to the latter. What do you mean when you say "amounts per ranges"? That kind of sounds like what I'm talking about. The way you put it in is something like this: Yardage Range Points per Reception 10-100 0.5 9-10 0.45 8-9 0.4 ... ...
  23. Any sites allow for Pass Interference scoring in 2021?

    That's a good point. The feed probably wouldn't automatically associate the PI with the passer and receiver. The fantasy football site would have to do it. But the guy from MFL made it sound like they didn't receive any PI data at all. From a programming standpoint, if you knew Play X was PI for Y yards, and you knew the intended target, and you knew the passer, it wouldn't be that hard to put it all together. So I'll keep dreaming. Maybe someday...
  24. 2021 Draft Primer/Chat and Devy Tracker

    Should be clean on MFL also. As always, please doublecheck my work.
  25. 2020 Spreadsheet

    Thank you for the notice Sam, hopefully this has been fixed now.
  26. Yeah good luck with that.
  27. Rodgers wants out of GB

    The Packers rarely use the franchise tag, the last time being in 2010.
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