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  2. Report: Alex Smith is done in Washington

    Pretty amazing this guy is still playing. Not sure what happened in Washington but they should have appreciated him there with the terrible QB play they were getting.
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  4. This does mean that a 1,000-yard season just got easier to reach and that all NFL records probably will be reset over a few years. How does that impact contracts that had performance marks? I'm not a fan of an extra game myself. Hard enough to keep players healthy as it is.
  5. RIP Irv Cross

  6. One song

    Roadrunner - Modern Lovers
  7. NFL plans to expand regular season to 17 games per team in 2021

    Agree, I'd have no problem with it either.
  8. Yeah, I like it and think it's a great way to go, especially with players likely to be rested more with a longer season. This way you'd have 2 weeks to accrue points and you could do it not only for 1st and 2nd Place but for 3rd place as well. I may have to get back into playing FF.
  9. I can see this happening and would be totally on board.
  10. So FF Championship games to be played in week 17? I'm thinking it would be cool to do a 2 week finals for week 16 and 17. I know some leagues do this already.
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  12. Report: Alex Smith is done in Washington

    I read somewhere he was pretty pissed about the way they were treating him during his comeback. He'll sign on as a backup somewhere and be a value-add.
  13. No surprise but it looks like it's definitely happening.
  14. RIP Irv Cross

    RIP Mr. Cross
  15. Teams asking about Russell Wilson

    I just saw a couple news items on Wilson on The Huddle home page, one talks about a meeting he walked out of before a TNF game with the Cardinals because his ideas for the offense were being ignored. The other talks about how he and Sean Payton hit it off at the Pro Bowl a few years ago, and reminded me that the Saints are one of the destinations he'd agree to. Oh man that would be awesome for his value, he's be a good fit in that offense.
  16. Fan controlled football league!

    Straight up amazing.
  18. J.J. Watt’s landing spots

    If it was family, he would have come to the Packers.
  19. J.J. Watt’s landing spots

    Maybe. Or maybe Nuk was a big influence on him coming. Chandler Jones, Hasaan Reddick and Watt sounds like a pretty decent pass-rush corps.
  20. J.J. Watt’s landing spots

    Agree. Thought he'd go to an AFC contender. Maybe there are family reasons. Guess he didn't want to stray too far from Texas.
  21. RIP Irv Cross

    Some of my earliest sports memories are of cbs' nfl pregame show with Musberger, Cross, George and Jimmy the Greek. I'm starting to feel old. RIP Mr. Cross.
  22. If that really happens, Swift should be on this list. He will be an easy RB1 if he gets all those touches.
  23. RIP Irv Cross

  24. Fan controlled football league!

    Sounds like fun
  25. Fan controlled football league!

    So don't?
  26. J.J. Watt’s landing spots

    That's definitely a shocker.
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  28. Fan controlled football league!
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