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  2. Kickers ranking and streaming strategy

    We have that guy!
  3. New Trade Advice

    I was lucky to trade s Zeke straight up for Lockett before the game. Zeke’s matchups the rest of the year aren’t good. Just to let you know that I didn’t weaken my RB’s I have A Jones Cook Moss and Gaskin i think you should stay put
  4. New Trade Advice

    yeah perhaps @Montana is da Man, hindsite being what it is i do wish i'd pulled the trigger but is what it is and still positioned quite well thanks with the roster i do have. question now is should i grab lockett / rojo for diontae and conner and if it makes sense given zeke's ineptitude against a tough washington d thursday...that was the question. any thoughts on package to get j rob from him? diontae, conner and maybe bryan hill or higgins/AB?
  5. One song

    Shape Of Things - The Yardbirds
  6. Crappy Commissioner

    A schedule change after the season starts in yahoo would show up for sure in the update list.
  7. Is this ethical?

    Well let me tell you and everyone else the CONTINUING saga of my blocking attempt in this thread: So I never needed to do any of that anyway because 1) my opponent didnt try to replace Winston and 2) I blew him away by nearly 100 points anyway. But here's the catch... and it really proves Karma exists... 1st waivers this week was before Lamar Jackson Covid announced. I had Jackson, T Hill, Rivers and A Smith. Dropped Rivers and Smith to add some depth. Tried to flip Hill for Cousins but someone else bid way more. Then BOOM. Jackson has Covid and will miss probably 2 weeks. I am stuck with T Hill this week or Baker Mayfield, who I just picked up. THAT, MY FRIENDS, IS 100% PROOF OF KARMA kar·ma /ˈkärmə/ Learn to pronounce noun (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. INFORMAL destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.
  8. Kickers ranking and streaming strategy

    but don't you all miss that guy who always drafts Tucker in round 7?
  9. Kickers ranking and streaming strategy

    We abolished that position and everyone is happier for it
  10. Hill or Tannehill?

    I have both of them and am going with Hill this week
  11. Hill or Tannehill?

  12. 3 Card Monty

    My current Team is 9-1 Ben Kupp, Diggs, Thomas, Robinson, Deebo, Theien Chubb, Conner. Monty, Gurley,Hyde. Ballage Playing Chubb and Monty at RB What to do at Flex? Conner, Kupp or Robinson is too risky, Gurley and Theilen out. Also, play Ben or pick up Teddy or Danny Dimes?
  13. Who to drop? Edmonds or J White?

    Hard choice for me. I think White could be a difference maker.
  14. Which Defense?

  15. Swap out Cole for Shenault?

    Stay put
  16. Hill or Tannehill?

  17. Drop 2: Mattison, Ahmed, Booker?

    Mattison and Booker
  18. Edmonds or Monty? PPR

  19. Drop 2 Players

    Brown and raegor
  20. Hill or Hyde?

    Hill is likely a 1 week starter, dont drop hyde
  21. Butker or Bass this week and week 15

    If you get points for longer FGs keep bass for his game at Denver and hope its not snowing
  22. Which WR to start? Half PPR

  23. Dropping like flies...Hill, Harris, Gio?

    Gio if he plays, then Harris
  24. Deebo or Pittman?

    Pittman this week
  25. New Trade Advice

    You screwed the pooch
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