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  2. Week 2 Bold Predictions

    Freiermuth will have six catches 80 yd and a touchdown
  3. Week 2 Bold Predictions

    My 2nd round pick Najee Harris will give me more than 6 points
  4. Week 2 Bold Predictions

    Metcalf catches 3 TDs
  5. Vaxxed or unvaxxed?

    Yes. Tuberculosis deaths happen almost entirely in 3rd world countries for a myriad of reasons, including undernutrition. Tuberculosis isn't overtaxing healthcare systems and retarding our economy. But hey, Snooki has memes.
  6. Chase, Cooks, or Drake?

    It’s PPR which helps Drake’s case the more I think about it
  7. Lance for Fields trade advice

    I found a list: Not a good outlook
  8. Start which DEF? AZ or PIT?

    AZ against MIN or PIT against LV?
  9. Stafford or Lamar?

    Stafford for sure.
  10. Vaxxed or unvaxxed?

    You complained about homelessness in San Francisco because those people can't afford a house, and America has weak social assistance policy. Many nations don't have money for public health measures so people die of diseases that we have cures for. In large part because pharmaceutical companies are profit driven - think Martin Shkreli on a global scale screwing over developing countries - just to make your meme
  11. Stafford or Lamar?

    Who gets the start this week?
  12. WDIF Flex this week

    Id keep Ty'son or play Fournette. Both going up againt weak run Ds.
  13. Lance for Fields trade advice

    Can you name a RB that came back after a torn achilles to be fantasy relevant the following year? Because I cant think of one, and if theres never really been one, then why should we believe Cam would be any different? I dont mean to sound mean or anything, just honest questions
  14. One song

    Hot Rod Hearts - Robbie Dupree
  15. Week 2 Bold Predictions

    Callaway busts out for 7 catches 120+ and 1 TD. Ty'Son Williams goes for 100+ and at least 1 TD. Jameis goes for 300+, 3 TDs and ZERO TURNOVERS again!
  16. Vaxxed or unvaxxed?

    Because it's mostly not happening in the USA. 7000 cases last year in the USA. Guess what, if it doesn't happen in your backyard it doesn't seem to matter. 228 million cases of covid in 18 months and BTW their is a vaccine for tuberculosis
  17. Lineup help

    I would play Julio, because its Julio, and then id make a decision between Johnson and Landry. I would actually favor Landry since Odell is out this week. Also the Texans are #26 pass defense.
  18. Today
  19. Lineup help

    Would you start Landry over Julio or dionte Johnson?
  20. WR2

  21. Pat Freiermuth

    I had a serious man crush on Mike Gesicki when he was a rookie a few years ago. My gut was sure this Rookie was going to kill it out of the gate. He had some really nice games last year but my rookie dream was dead. Now my gut tells me if the Steelers offense gets their s*** together Pat Freiermuth could really shine as a rookie. He has good size, frame, strength, great reaching ability with sure hands. he has already proven that he has the ability to block well. There are many mouths to feed this offense understandably. I do believe he will see more attention in the weeks to come. Perhaps for a quick outlet because their offensive line is in tatters at the moment. He could be a great safety outlet that roethlisberger can and should come to trust. I really do like this kid... Okay I think I pumped him up enough... Please don't Gesicki me !😤
  22. RB2 and Flex advice.

    Taylor and Thielen
  23. Mike Evans will get 100 yards and multiple TDs. Aaron Rodgers makes up for manure game last week and goes for over 300 yards and 4tds. Matthew Stafford continues his solid start with another 300 yard game and multiple TDs. Jalen Hurts continues to shine in the passing and running game.
  24. WDIF Flex this week

  25. WR3 choice

  26. Flex Option

    Thanks for the input everyone!
  27. Lineup help

    Landry over ronald Jones
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