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  2. 5.02 and a 2021 3rd

    Open offer for every on the clock pick until my guy is gone.
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  4. Ok Trade??

    Play in a Dynasty 1 QB Half PPR - quite new to NFL (Aussie here) Had #1 pick in draft tossing up between Najee or Jamarr. My QB is Deshuan with not much backup . Trade offer is My - Pick 1.01 for His - Pick 1.02 + Roethlisberger Means I don't have to decide between the 2 and can run Ben for the season? I was pretty set on Najee but figure he may pick Jamarr and I get a free QB out of it. Cheers,
  5. Kerryon my wayward free agent

    That is just a really rough offense. I suppose they will try to feed Hockenson and Swift and run with Jamaal Williams and Swift. And I guess their co-number 1s are Tyrell Williams/Breshad Perriman? Looks like a long year.
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  7. TNT Devy League (Tino No Trade) What makes this league unique and special. NO TRADING OR WAIVERS EVER AT ANYTIME. We are all in a ton of leagues and the balance of the league is always shifted by s---y lop sided trades. This league is all about being an elite scouter, an elite drafter and grooming your own talent. There will be a rookie, supplemental and devy draft every year. The supplemental draft will take place after the rookie draft. You can draft left over rookies as well as free agents. There will be 7 rookie rounds, 7 supplemental rounds and 3 devy rounds. The youngest devy player you can draft will be someone committed to a university, no high school products. You create your own franchise, Pick a city, mascot and logo. You also can create a coaching alias but it's not required, you an use your regular name if you would like. The Franchises will be professional so they will need commissioner approval to avoid teams like "Sacramento Semen" & "Quebec Queefs" Number of teams, Playoffs & Draft Order The number of teams Will be 40 or 48. There will be 4 divisions of 10 or 12 all with their own unique player pools. 16 Teams will make the playoffs. At least 2 from each division. The additional 8 will be wild card teams. Playoffs and draft pick battles (see more below) will be decided by Record followed by PF. This League will also play double headers meaning you will play 2 teams every week until the playoffs. Tanking isn't encouraged but also isn't discouraged. If injuries pile up and your season is lost you are allowed to tank for a better pick if you would like. You are the owner of your franchise and you have paid your league fee, ultimately it is your decision. During the post season the teams that missed the post season will compete in draft pick battles amongst their divisions. The worst 2 teams will battle for 1st pick with the loser receiving 2nd pick. 3v4, 5v6 and etc. If there are an odd number of teams in a division that didn't reach the post season, for example lets say 9, the 9th team will just have 9th pick while the rest of the teams will battle for a pick. Positions , Roster Size & Scoring My leagues are very deep. You can expect roster sizes to be between 90-100 players. You will be able to select up to 3 devy players in the startup draft. QB, RB, WR, TE, DT, DE, LB, CB, S with unique and high scoring to make the defense matter. Scoring is high and untraditional making for an exciting league. It will be very similarly if not exactly like my league TINO Elite ... 30590&O=09 It's designed to be balanced and make every position valuable. We use Group me for communication, MFL for the league site & League Safe for payouts. League fee & Payouts League fee will be $150 and payouts will be built around whether we have 40-48 teams This is a long term league seeking very serious and committed owners. Owners will be "interviewed" to see if they have the type of experience we seek in this league. If interested Please answer the following questions. How many years of Dynasty experience do you have? How many years of Devy experience do you have? How many years of IDP experience do you have? How many dynasty leagues are you in? What is the longest you have been in a league?
  8. lol Juwan James - Denver OL Lol nflpa is the weakest and most pathetic union on the planet and are desperate... NFLPA leadership emailed all players today, calling the NFL’s memo to clubs regarding Ju’Wuan James’ recent injury “gutless” and a “scare tactic to get you to come running back” as the union continues to urge a boycott of voluntary workouts at team facilities
  9. Kerryon my wayward free agent

    Hey, sorry to be so dismissive of your opinion BUT WR25 please, I would say WR60-70 he has a hand full of good games hes on his third team in what 4 or 5 years in the league. I can't see it not even close . I would bet you in a heartbeat
  10. Kerryon my wayward free agent

    I'm just breaking your stones like you break mine. I doubt he'll stay healthy long enough to do much fantasy damage. That's my opinion
  11. Rodgers wants out of GB

    Haha, that's a pretty nice incentive.
  12. Rodgers wants out of GB

    Rodgers isn't going anywhere.
  13. Rodgers wants out of GB

    That's genius and corny at the same time. You're better than that Billy.
  14. Rodgers wants out of GB

    its official, I've thought it all along. LC is 12 years old. I wasn't sure if the right call was to get the kids back in school, now i know it. dammit, just when summer is approaching.
  15. Would this trade be a bad idea?

    I wouldn't. I like the prospect of Lawrence to Chark.
  16. Rodgers wants out of GB

    Is that another racist slur from you?
  17. Rodgers wants out of GB

    And what, exactly, is that, chief? This is a fantasy football message board. People throw out opinions. My opinion is that you are talking out of your sphincter half the time.
  18. Kerryon my wayward free agent

    Pick a benchmark for over/under on PPR fantasy points and we'll make a bet. I would contend he finishes no worse than WR25 in PPR. Some of the best fantasy producers are WRs on crappy teams since they will likely be playing from behind a lot. There are already reports of Perriman and Goff working together in LA and Goff's abilities line up well with Perriman does route-wise, so I would not be surprised if Perriman ends up as a fantasy WR2. You need to stop being so dismissive of others' opinions.
  19. Kerryon my wayward free agent

    Yeah, ok.
  20. Rodgers wants out of GB

    Better than what you're WAY into. Again, mind your own business.
  21. Kerryon my wayward free agent

    it would be nice for targets to really reflect catchable passes, but i guess that's difficult
  22. Kerryon my wayward free agent

    Kind of a combination of the two stats I mentioned. Problem is every pass thrown has a target, sometimes that guy has no chance to catch the ball. It is why there are more specific stats like drops, but those are less official, and not recorded on the Pro Football Reference site (my trusted source for stats).
  23. Kerryon my wayward free agent

    The Lions should have flown Southwest. One Karryon is free.
  24. Dr Julius No has until May 7th 12:49 AM ET to match
  25. Kerryon my wayward free agent

    i like to compare yards/target.
  26. lol Juwan James - Denver OL

    i'm sorry I upset you.
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