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  2. 4.3 JD Bartell's Team Hunter Long TE, MIA
  3. Keeper help

    Sorry, but stupid setup IMO. How can you make an informed decision then? If there's a chance both picks are early drop him and take the chance I guess. If its like a supplemental pick for only having 1 keeper and guaranteed after everyone else uses their their 1st rounder, then may as well keep him. Went around 30 in a recent mock draft I did.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Sports books reportedly brace for an Aaron Rodgers retirement

    I guess content is a bad thing on a forum????
  6. You'd think this dead forum would like any action?
  7. But we still have a draft to finish…
  8. Should i

    Yes. 1. Javonte 2. Sermon
  9. Sports books reportedly brace for an Aaron Rodgers retirement

    Thanks Karen. It's good to see that you're still as miserable as ever.
  10. Rodgers wants out of GB

    Rodgers and Adams both tweet about a cryptic "last dance". USA Today LB Za'Dardarius Smith joining the fray. NBC
  11. Should i

    Give sutton for javonte or sermon?
  12. The Cleveland Guardians (baseball)

    Wrong forum, noob!
  13. Dice Roll

    Here's a link to the JS code you will need to get the Dice Roll up and running on MFL MFL Dice Roll
  14. Well this sucks (Michael Thomas news)

    OK, was trying to make sure you were not implying that was my viewpoint. Correct, not the place for it, so you probably shouldn't have gone there to start with.
  15. There is a lot of uncertainty, it could simply be a prudent move by the sports books until they know more. Doesn't mean they KNOW what is going to happen. If you follow fantasy football (or the NFL even) you know that Rodgers may not play for the Packers this year, and that would significantly impact the rest of their offense. People can plan accordingly, and it will probably be known in plenty of time for most leagues. PS We also don't really need a new thread for this, could have been added to the existing discussion about Rodgers future.
  16. Well this sucks (Michael Thomas news)

    because they get so much time off, and try to convince the rest of us they are actually working 2000 hours during the school year. I have yet to see the school librarian (a teacher) working evenings or weekends, same as the Jk Sk grade 1 teachers. By the time you get to the other grades, sure i get it, but the 1st 3-5 years not so much. I have other reasons and examples, but not the place for it
  17. Which side trade?

    No. Both can finish the season as wr1
  18. Cam Akers Dynasty Trade Help

    I’d take that trade too
  19. Well this sucks (Michael Thomas news)

    why are they pesky?
  20. Well this sucks (Michael Thomas news)

    yeah i know, other then those pesky teachers...
  21. Keeper help

  22. Should I take it?

    14 Teams Dynasty PpR - 1QB-2RB - 2WR 1TE - 1WRT - 1k - 1dst My Starters: Mahomes Josh Jacobs Antonio Gibson DK D.Hopkings I. Smith R.Jones BN: M.Gordon- K.Drake - C.Sutton - M. pittman - J. fields zach ert Give: R. Jones + 1st 2022 Get: Chris Godwin
  23. Cam Akers out for 2021

    Offer him $1.6M and call it an even $10M
  24. Buffalo receivers

    Dak Prescott told a reporter that asked him if he had been vaccinated that the question isn't allowed because of HIPAA. Of course he was mocked on social media for totally not understanding HIPAA (much like people think Freedom of Speech applies to social media and other online communities).
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