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  2. 14 team Bestball startup•Bestball with Head to Head schedule •Waivers and Trades•Groupme for league chat•14 team Bestball dynasty league on MFL•$60 through leaguesafe ($99 total with a 50 % deposit towards next year & a one time graphics fee $9)•Snake Draft•PPR scoring with TE premium (1.5), 6pt td passBylaws ... 2qYCw/editIf you’re interested in this league please reach out to Tanner at lifecommissioner@gmail.comOr feel free to drop your email or send a personal message. Thanks!
  3. 1.01

    I agree with this assessment.
  4. Packers signing veteran QB Blake Bortles

    Ah, the things that we're proud of!
  5. Packers signing veteran QB Blake Bortles

    The list had Eau Claire on it at #9 (And Sheboygan at #12), but it had Appleton at #1 and Oshkosh at #2
  6. Packers signing veteran QB Blake Bortles

    Eau Claire is not south of GB
  7. One song

    Sausalito Summernights - Diesel
  8. The Akers pick is really surprising to me. I can keep him for a 3rd pick in one of my leagues. Now has me thinking that’s good value. I had decided I wasn’t going to do it. My other main league I can keep Metcalf, Kittle, or Akers for free. Tough decision
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  10. 1.01

    Well dam, that ended my wishing that he would drop. Ugghhh...I might as well trade 1.04 then.
  11. 1.01

    I don’t blame you. If I had the 1.01 that would be my pick as well.
  12. 1.01

    I have received several offers so i thought I'd just post instead of responding to all. I have TE Pitts in a tier by himself based on potential, scoring, and position scarcity. If you don't want him then you can direct offers to Berlin for 1.02 If you do want him, then I'm sorry, it's going to cost a lot to get him.
  13. The 2021 LLD Rookie Draft kicks off tomorrow May 14th, 2020 @ 6:00 PM ET. Here are few reminders First Pick If you own the 1.01 pick - the predrafting does not work or at least it has not in the past. 24 hours per pick There will be a 24 hour timer in force during the draft. You may use pre-selects if you want or won't be around for a long period of time. Owners should communicate any potential long absences from the boards to the league via league chat or the Huddle forum and have a contingency plan for picks to be made for them in their absence (i.e. pre-selects). If an owner is "on the clock" for more than 24 hours during the draft and the site skips their pick they can still make their pick by posting in the forum who they want as long as the player has not been picked. If the draft ends all picks not yet taken must be made within 24 hours of the draft ending or those teams forfeit their picks. The 24 hour clock is intended for those who can't be around all the time or for those in different time zones. Draft Instructions Live Draft Room You can draft from live draft room and the draft email still goes out (MFL changed this thanks to my many years of complaining about it) If you prefer you can still draft from the "For Owners | Draft" home page. (You also use this for each pick you wish to set the pre-select draft pick for) From the top menu, Select For Owners | Draft. Select player from drop-down list. Click Draft or Save These Picks And Continue if you are pre-drafting. Pre-select draft picks You use the For Owners --> Draft page You can do as many of the picks predraft as you want and you put in a list of players and if all the players are picked then the site will wait for you to make a pick. So if you really want a player but would be unsure who you would pick if that player is gone you can just put in 1 or 2 players in your predraft. The Site will not auto select if your predraft runs out. Trades Commissioners will do their best to process any trades that may occur as they can. If you make a trade during my personal working hours (7 AM ET to 3:30 PM ET Monday - Friday) and no one else is able to get to the trade right away please email at my work email that you made a trade and I will go in and review and make it official on MFL. If you have any questions let me know.
  14. Mahomes going in the 2nd round for an experts league is a surprise since in RTS and FFPC he usually goes 4th round (ADP of 4.02 in RTS). "Experts" are notorious for letting QB's fall farther than public drafters normally.
  15. NFL will release 2021 schedule Wed. May 12

    In 2016 and last year had byes in the week 13 league championship game. CMC was slated to bye so your #1 overall pick in most drafts last year would have byed but got injured. Also TB was on bye week 13 so no Brady, Godwin, Evans, ect last year.
  16. NFL will release 2021 schedule Wed. May 12

    FFPC had always been 11 week regular season and week 12-13 league playoffs and weeks 14-16 National playoffs. So this has been a problem for years with week 12 byes but last year we got hit with week 13 byes instead of week 12. The problem with this year is even though FFPC added a week 1-12 regular 13-14 league playoffs and 15-17 National we now have 8 teams on a bye for league playoffs. 4 teams week 13 including CMC for a 2nd year in a row. 4 teams week 14. Week 13 is littered with studs week 14 only has Taylor as a top 25 pick in most leagues. The main issue is if your a 3 or 4 seed in the playoffs you have to win both games to make the National playoffs so if you own CMC or a couple of those bye players your in trouble unless you run into 2 other teams with same issues. If your a 1 or 2 seed you clinch a National spot already but if you lose week 13 you get $0. Not ideal for being a #1 or #2 seed.
  17. Packers signing veteran QB Blake Bortles

  18. Packers signing veteran QB Blake Bortles

    I respect John, not you but I respect him.
  19. FA Bid: Logan Thomas

    sold to me for 2 credits.
  20. Packers signing veteran QB Blake Bortles

    I forgot, we shouldn't talk about it until it happens.
  21. Best Week One Matchup

    Right that's why you made the prior comments. But hey at least you're padding that post count of yours.
  22. Packers signing veteran QB Blake Bortles

    I think I'll believe well respected long time huddler Big John who is a Packer fan over anything you ever say.
  23. Packers signing veteran QB Blake Bortles

    No I just don't feel it needs all this attention. Or could just not post 10000 times a day......
  24. NFL will release 2021 schedule Wed. May 12

    For FFPC, I think they're adding a week to the regular season. Every team will continue to play every other team once. However, in week 6, there's no head to head -- top 6 scores get a win, bottom 6 get a loss. League playoffs are weeks 13-14, champ round weeks 15-17. I don't believe they've ever had bye week situations for the league championship game where 1000s are at stake as well as possible auto entry into the grand prize championship rounds.
  25. Packers signing veteran QB Blake Bortles

    Oooooo, so intriguing... I mean, whatever, we shouldn't talk about it until something is announced for fear we could be wrong. They should remove the word speculate from the dictionary as well, along with having an opinion and making predictions, mock drafts, geez, this might open pandora's box!
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