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  2. Dance with who bring ya?

    Wow. Really? Damn. Ok. No worries about DJ coming off the concussion?
  3. Dobbins or Booker

  4. Evening Irish! I’m in the playoffs which start next week in my league (weeks 14-16). Are you still of the opinion that I should roll with the Pittsburgh DST throughout? The Seattle DST is available and has the Jets at home in week 14 while Pittsburgh DST is on the road against Buffalo. Thoughts? Current roster: QB Taysom Hill, Cousins RB CMC, Sanders, Swift, Gore, Edmonds WR Hopkins, Claypool, AB, Tee Higgins, Curtis Samuel TE Fant, Goedert K Lutz DST Pit Thank you! Slim
  5. Gore over Kamara?

    I'm benching kamara for mostert and gaskin in another but Kamara is way better than gore for sure
  6. Bench Kyler Murray?

    I'd stick with Murray over that lineup, I'm starting him in one league but have herbert starting over him in another.
  7. Dance with who bring ya?

    Dj and Booker this week
  8. Gore over Kamara?

    Don’t get cute....kamara has gotten you this far don’t bench him even if his numbers has been down
  9. Miami Running Backs a Dolphin Disaster?

    Guys off injury always scare me but hard to ignore gaskin with a good workload
  10. Watson or Cousins?

    I still go watson on this one. I think minnesota will be ahead most of the game causing them not to pass as much, compared to the texans will probably be playing from behind and passing most of the game
  11. Duke Johnson....Good Grief

    Snell or perriman over duke
  12. Pick 2: Hill, Carr, or Cousins

    If its 4 point passing tds, I'd probably start hill over carr
  13. Playoff Depth - Which RB?

    Akers over gore
  14. Bench Kyler Murray?

    Do i bench kyler murray this week due to his injury and due to the fact that hes playing the #1 pass d in the rams ? My streaming waiver options are Trubisky, Wentz, Mayfield, Mullins, Stafford, and Glennon
  15. Watson or Cousins?

  16. Which RB?

    Harris with Taylor back
  17. Dobbins or Booker

    Let's get back on topic......Booker
  18. What to do about Lamar?

    Yeah I mean it's the cowboys defense so..... Lol
  19. Dance with who bring ya?

    Some of you have commented elsewhere and I appreciate it but with CEH and David Johnson healthy, do I still go with them at RB1&2 Or My backups Gore and Booker? Win this week and I'm in.
  20. Goff vs Murray - Who to start

  21. What to do about Lamar?

    Not a bad plan
  22. What to do about Lamar?

    I might just go almost full send on Lamar and pick up McSorley just in case
  23. All hands on deck: You make the call week 13

    Reggie on right side
  24. Miami Running Backs a Dolphin Disaster?

    Brieda on Covid IR and Achmed and Washington are listed as doubtful. Gaskin activated off IR.
  25. FA pick up

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